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Bengals Gave up in Loss to Steelers, and Nothing Will be Done

Bengals quit against the Steelers

The Cincinnati Bengals lost their fifth straight game to the hated Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday and have lost eight of their last nine. The thing that was most disturbing about this loss was the Bengals lack of effort in the second half. The Bengals basically gave up. How else can you explain it when Quarterback Andy Dalton throws the ball out of bounds on 4th down late in the 4th quarter instead of trying to make a play while the Bengals still had a slim chance. Or what was even worse in my opinion was the Steelers taking a knee three straight times and giving the Bengals the ball back with time left in a two-score game. On top of that the Bengals took a knee instead of trying to do something! If all of that is not giving up I don’t know what is?

The stupidity of Marvin Lewis

The Bengals, after Sunday’s loss, are 5-9-1 after the bye week, that is unacceptable! The Bengals came into this game after two straight wins and a win in Pittsburgh would have kept them relevant. With all of that on the line the Bengals still were unprepared. As a Bengals fan you kind of get used to bad challenges and not having timeouts left at the end of both halves, but after a while, you have to think enough should be enough, but in the world of Mike Brown it obviously isn’t.

Since Marvin Lewis has been in Cincinnati the Bengals have won 53 percent of their games before the bye week and then dip to 48 percent after the bye week. I think the sign of a well-coached team is a team that is better at the end of the season than it was at the start of the season and that has rarely been the case in Cincinnati under Marvin Lewis.

The Bengals were beaten on a fake punt late in the game because they were late covering the gunner, that does not happen often to a prepared team and the Steelers have made a living off doing it to the Marvin Lewis coached Bengals.

So you might think it is harsh to call Marvin Lewis stupid, but I think when you continue to do the same stupid things repeatedly and get the same results you must call it what it is and that is stupid!

Mike Brown and the front office has no clue

The Bengals continue to screw up the draft they selected Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher; neither has panned out. They selected Russell Bodine and he has been a bust. To make matters worse, they then let Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler get away! You would think you would then try to draft more offensive lineman to fill the holes left by losing your two best linemen. If you thought that you would be wrong, no we drafted a wide receiver and a running back instead! Really?

Players no longer care

This may be a harsh statement, but what other conclusion can one come to after watching Sunday’s debacle? Joe Mixon goes from rushing for over 6 yards a carry in the first half to not having a carry in the second half. Was A.J. Green even on the field in the second half?

Why were the Bengals so bad in the second half? Very simple they stopped running the ball. In the first half A.J. Green caught passes because the Bengals ability to run the ball made the Steelers play cover 1 (man); in the second half, with no threat of the run, the Steelers went to cover 2 and doubled Green – but the Bengals did nothing to combat this and just kept throwing the ball.

Is the season over?

Of course it is — if we have learned nothing else over the years the Bengals are their own worst enemies and that never changes! They will probably beat up on a bad Colts team, but then three straight road games loom which should put the finishing touches on the Bengals season.

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