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5 Grueling Truth’s We Learned During Super Bowl 52

The Grueling Truth's of Super Bowl 52!


The Super Bowl turned into an Arena Football game on Sunday. The defense was non-existent and a stop was holding the opposing team to a field goal. We saw the ultimate Rocky story in the Super Bowl, as backup quarterback Nick Foles took down the seemingly invincible Apollo Creed…wait I mean the Patriots. So what did we learn during this game?

1) The Patriots dynasty hurting

I will not go as far to say the dynasty is dead but the Patriots are going to have to have a major overhaul in the offseason with the coaching staff and the defense. Of course there is nobody better to have in charge of this overhaul than Bill Belichick. Face it, no matter how much you hate the Patriots, they weren’t beaten until the very last play of the game. And I hate to tell all the Patriots haters this but Tom Brady looks more like a 30-year-old quarterback than he does a 40-year-old quarterback.

2) Nick Foles is a legit NFL QB, now what?

How can the Eagles not bring back Foles as their starter? I can give you one reason and that’s Carson Wentz. Wentz was the NFL MVP up until a season-ending injury. That injury throws a bigger wrench into everything. Because of that injury it is harder to trade Foles, no matter what is offered. What if Wentz isn’t ready at the start of the season? The Eagles almost have to keep Foles around as an insurance policy. What happens if Wentz isn’t ready until week 6 and the Eagles are 5-0 or 4-1? The Eagles get no compensation for Foles once the trade deadline passes next October. The Eagles will have a lot of questions to answer once we get into the offseason.

3) Brady is not unbeatable

The only problem is, to beat him you have to play a perfect game. Yesterday the Eagles did just that on offense. Brady threw for over 500 yards and still lost, and the reason he did was Nick Foles played about as perfect of a game as any quarterback has ever played in a Super Bowl.

4) Tom Brady is still the GOAT!

You just knew with 2:21 left on the clock that Brady was about to lead a game-winning touchdown drive until Brandon Graham overwhelmed the Eagles offensive line, hitting Brady right before he threw the ball, causing the biggest turnover in the Super Bowl. Sure Brady has lost three Super Bowls, but when you compare him to Montana, remember that Brady has been to twice as many Super Bowls and the three games he lost were not his fault. Yesterday Brady was on-point all game, with very little threat of a running game. To denigrate him because he has been to eight Super Bowls and won five–all five he won included him making huge plays at the end of the game–is just silly.

5) Doug Pederson is a great coach

I do have a problem with the two-point conversion in the first half and it almost came back to bite them in the butt. But that kind of confidence in his team was what won this game for the Eagles. The fourth and goal pass to Foles will go down as one of the gutsiest calls in Super Bowl history. As long as Pederson is with the Eagles they will be a contender. Do you think if Andy Reid was coaching that game that the Eagles would have won it?

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