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The BetMGM risk free bet bonus in detail

Interested in finding out everything there is to know about the BetMGM risk free bet bonus that is currently being offered to new customers? You’re in the right place!

In this review, we’ll be filling you in on what you get from the bonus, what you can use it on, and what you need to know before you use it! Read on for more.

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What do you get?

You’re in for a treat with this BetMGM free bet, we’re telling you that right now!

BetMGM are currently offering their customers a hugely generous bonus – a $1,000 risk-free bet! If you’re a sports betting fan, then this should definitely have pricked your ears up, but if it hasn’t, allow us to tell you a little bit more about what you get with this excellent BetMGM bonus.

This BetMGM risk-free bet is perfect if you’re new to sports betting and you’re a little apprehensive about placing a bet on your favorite sports.

Thanks to the BetMGM risk-free bet, you’ll be able to wager $1,000 in one go, without any minimum odds getting in the way, without having to worry about losing. What more could you ask for from a first betting experience with a new sports betting operator?

The way a risk-free bet works is pretty simple to understand. If you place a bet on the Lakers to beat the New York Knicks, and you win the bet, then you won’t receive the risk-free bet bonus. However, you’ll have won the bet you placed, so you won’t care about that as you’ll be rolling in cash!

However, if you place a bet on the Lakers to win, and they don’t, then you’ll be eligible for the risk-free bet. You’ll have all the money you bet put back in your account by BetMGM, giving you a second shot at winning big!

BetMGM are offering risk-free bets worth up to $1,000, meaning if you bet anything up to $1,000, you’ll receive it back in full from BetMGM should you lose the bet.

If you bet anything above $1,000 though, say $1,500, and you lose the bet, you’ll only receive the first $1,000 of your bet back from BetMGM.

This BetMGM risk-free bet is a great way to take the pressure off when making your first bet with the operator, and it should definitely help settle some of those first bet nerves too!

What can you use the bonus on?

There’s only one thing you can really use your BetMGM risk-free bet on at BetMGM, and that’s the sports betting section.

This is a risk-free bet, so it means placing money on sports games that are being offered by BetMGM. This isn’t a casino bonus or a poker bonus – it’s a sports betting bonus, and can only be used when betting on – you guessed it – sports!

We might have made it sound a bit restrictive there, but trust us, it isn’t! There are so, so many sports and markets for you to choose from on BetMGM. If anything, you’ll be struggling to pick just one thing to place your first risk-free bet on!

Just a cursory glance at BetMGM’s sportsbook shows us that there are absolutely loads of sports for you to stick your hard-earned cash on. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Snooker
  • Formula 1
  • And NASCAR, and we’re not even scratching the surface here!

And you’ve got to remember, whatever happens when you’re using your risk-free bet, even if you lose the bet, you’re still a winner!

It doesn’t matter which sport you wager on, if you lose the bet, you’ll receive however much you wagered back (up to $1,000, of course). And if you win your bet, well, you won’t care a jot about the BegMGM risk-free bet, will you!

If you are a sports betting fan, but you’re not interested in this bonus, check out our articles on some of the best betting deals for new customers here at!

What important terms do you need to consider?

Just like the FanDuel risk free bet, making use of this risk-free bonus is pretty simple to do, but there are still a couple of BetMGM free bet terms that you need to consider.

Perhaps the biggest thing you need to keep in mind is to be 100% sure that you’re comfortable when it comes to betting on sports.

Sports betting isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t have some sort of an idea as to what you’re doing, then you may not be in for a good time with it.

If you’re not comfortable betting on sports, or if you don’t have the foggiest as to what you’re doing when it comes to wagering on sports, then perhaps it’s best to steer clear of this risk-free bonus.

If playing on online casinos is more your kind of thing then we recommend you go and check out some of the best casino bonuses being offered. Another important BetMGM free bet term is that if you wager more than $1,000, you’re only going to get $1,000 back from the operator. So we advise you not to wager more than $1,000 on your first bet, just in case it doesn’t come in!

BetMGM risk-free bet restrictions – know before you bet

In this section of this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the restrictions that are in place with regard to the BetMGM risk-free bet.

We’ll admit, there aren’t many, if any, but there are still a few obstacles you could run into when making use of this hugely generous bonus, so it’s worth just knowing everything there is to know about it first!

Remember the minimum deposit limit

There is a minimum deposit limit that must be met for you to make use of this BetMGM risk-free bet. Thankfully, it isn’t much, so you won’t have to worry about splashing the cash so early on (unless you want to, that is, then by all means do so). The minimum deposit is $10. Once you’ve deposited this, you’ll be able to make use of the BetMGM risk-free bet!

The $1,000 limit

This might sound much more restrictive than it actually is. However, we feel as though we should stress how important it is that you remember that the maximum amount you’re going to get back, should your bet not come in, is $1,000. So if you make a wager of $1,200, and it doesn’t come in, you’re only going to get $1,000 back – meaning you’ll have lost $200.

What we’re trying to stress here is this – don’t go overboard with your first bet! You have a maximum amount of $1,000 in reserve should your bet not come in! There’s no reason to be wagering more than that at first!

No minimum odds

This isn’t really a restriction, but it’s still important to remember anyway. There are no minimum odds that you can or can’t wager on when making use of the risk-free bet. This means that you won’t have to worry about what you wager on. So if you want to bet on something with terrible odds, you can! Literally just make an account, use the bonus code, make a deposit, and bet on whatever you want! If it doesn’t come in, BetMGM will reimburse you, it really is as easy as that!

Don’t forget the bonus code

It’s seriously important that you remember to use the bonus code when making use of this BetMGM risk-free bonus. If you don’t use the bonus code, you won’t be able to make use of the bonus – simple as that! The bonus code varies depending on where in the US you are. In most states where BetMGM operates, the bonus code is BOOKIES. In the state of New York, it’s BOOKIESNY. Easy to remember, now don’t forget it!

Check out BetMGM’s other bonuses in 2022

Ok, it’s all well and good talking about just one of the BetMGM bonuses on offer, but what other promotions are available there?

Well, you’ll be very happy to know that there are absolutely loads of BetMGM bonuses for you to choose from. If you’re a sports betting fan, then you’re basically going to be in paradise!

One bonus, called the Monday Club, will see you receive a free $10 bet every single week! To unlock this, all you have to do is opt-in, and then wager $50 or more throughout the week. On the next Monday, if you’ve held up your end of the deal, you’ll receive a free $10 bet!

There is also a reward system in place that customers can sign up for. Depending on how many credits you earn during your time with BetMGM, you’ll be able to unlock varying degrees of rewards and prizes! Some of these prizes include free bets on your birthday and BetMGM anniversaries, as well as access to premium customer support and discounted or free rooms at BetMGM resorts!

And if nothing BetMGM is offering tickles your fancy, don’t worry. We evaluate a lot of bonuses here at, and write reviews on all of them. So if you want to learn more about the 888 deposit bonus instead, you can here!

BetMGM risk-free bet FAQ

🔓How do I unlock the BetMGM risk-free bet?

Thankfully for you, unlocking the BetMGM risk-free bet bonus is super easy to unlock and won’t take a degree in rocket science to do! In this article, we’ve provided you with all the necessary information regarding how to unlock the bonus. To find out how, all you need to do is check out the article and see how it compares to the William Hill free bet bonus that’s currently on offer! Do it ASAP and get going on your gambling journey with BetMGM.

🇺🇸Is the BetMGM risk-free bet bonus the best bonus in the US?

This is a pretty difficult question for us to answer as ultimately deciding what the best bonus in the US is going to be down to you. A bonus that might suit one US-based player may not suit another! All we can do is give you as much information as possible about a bonus, and let you choose for yourself. If you check out this review, you’ll learn more about the BetMGM bonus, and you’ll be able to see if it tickles your fancy. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, we have plenty of other bonus reviews such as our coverage on the latest 888 free bet here at So if you want to learn more about the Betfair first deposit bonus, for example, you can here!

🎁 Are there any other bonuses being offered by BetMGM?

So maybe this specific bonus doesn’t interest you, and that’s ok! It’s not going to be for everyone. Thankfully, there are other bonuses being offered by BetMGM, and you’ll be glad to know that we’ve taken the time to have a look at them and recommend a couple to you. And if they don’t interest you either, don’t worry! Here at, we have plenty of other bonus reviews for you to pore over. So if you want to learn more about the DraftKings sign up bonus being offered, you can here!  

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