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The Apostle and the Prostitute: The scam that is Johnson Faith Athletic College Football

How a man claiming to do the Lord's work scammed families and his followers

Back in May I talked to a man who I had known for a few years. He was the new Head Football Coach at Johnson Faith Athletic College and he offered my son a full scholarship to come play Quarterback for them. I had never heard of the school and this was to be their first year playing football. Since I knew the coach and my son needed a better SAT score, I figured what the hell, this sounds like a good opportunity for him.

Man was I ever wrong!

The Apostle

The first time I ever chatted with “The Apostle” Timothy Johnson he sounded decent. Johnson talked about how he was a “Man of God” and how he was trying to give a second chance to kids who have fallen through the cracks. It all sounded well-meaning but in my experience, promises aren’t always kept, especially from those who talk a good game.

Early warning signs

Mr. Johnson liked to have conference calls every few days with his players. The only problem was they were usually notified about 30 minutes before the call, which is not standard protocol. That sent off the initial warning signal in my head. In a situation like this you though, you just kind of hope against hope that the man is on the up-and-up and inexperience is the primary factor.

Now, other than the first time I talked to Johnson I only dealt with the Head Coach. As we got closer to sending my son 10 hours away, the Head Coach became impossible to get a hold of. So I called Johnson and he went on and on about how the Head Coach was screwing everything up and he kept asking me to come help the Head Coach run the team or take the Head Coaching position myself. Since I was friends with the Head Coach I had no interest in his job, but I said if they paid me I would assist them. The second red flag popped up as they told me they claimed to have no money but would work on getting the money together to bring me down to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Since I had confidence that my son would at least play, my wife and boy drove all the way to North Carolina (a couple of weeks ago). On a Friday night, as I was working out, I get a call from Johnson telling me the Head Coach had not shown up and he was offering me the job. I did not want this job! I did not want to leave my wife and other son for four months, and at what they were offering, one-thousand dollars a month. To make matters worse, not only did they had not have that money to pay me, I had a former player of mine who lived in the area who was willing to pay the money upfront to get me down there, which made Apostle Johnson happy.

The first week of practice

We get to Monday of the following week and I still have no contract in writing about anything. My friend who had agreed to pay my salary wanted to see a contract, as well, and I wasn’t going to work without one.

Around noon my son calls and tells me that they practiced in 90-degree heat for two hours with no water! I immediately called Jermaine Finger who had coached with me in the past and he said that at the start of practice Johnson left to get water for the guys but didn’t return with any. Already upset about the lack of paperwork and transparency, I called Johnson and he tried to blame the assistant coaches.

He was the one who was supposed to supply the water!

Coach Harris and Coach Stewart

Since Johnson had not sent me the money yet, he went about hand-selecting my assistant coaches. The first was Coach Harris, who when I first talked to him I realized he knew nothing about Football. Coach Stewart, on the other hand, seemed to have a grasp on what he was doing defensively, so I made him the Defensive Coordinator.

Coach Harris, comically enough, was an obese man who was going to be in charge of making sure the kids ate healthy. No, really. My wife was up until 3 am helping Harris move. He was so fat that the players had to help him move. Worse than that, on the first two nights my wife was there, he had to go to the E.R. because he thought he was having a stroke and Harris sat in a chair at practices because he could not get up and do anything! So I already knew I was going to fire him as soon as I got there.

Later in the week another alarm bell rang and as it became apparent that Coach Harris was a plant for Johnson so he always knew exactly what was going on. How exactly? Well, Johnson always told me not to trust Coach Stewart. Remember, Johnson hired Stewart, not me! My thoughts were always ‘Why would you keep him around if you didn’t trust him?’ Then he would always tell me about how great Coach Harris was, so I knew something was up. Coach Harris was nothing more than an obese “yes man” who knew nothing about Football.

By Wednseday, this looked like nothing but a straight-up shit show.

Fundraising and good food

The players were promised nutritious meals for being a part of the Johnson Faith Football team. What they got was far from what they were told. The food was crap! Corn dogs, cereal, pizza etc. That was if they got to eat at all! The first week there my son texts me, saying that they had not eaten since noon and they had been at WalMart fundraising for 6 hours. Fundraising to Johnson was standing out in front of Wal Mart with the kids begging for money.

This happened every night my son was there and Johnson had all kinds of different reasons for why they were doing this, from it was for “school fees”, to it was to pay for the kid’s food. He demanded every player be out there every night for at least 3 hours! To me, that’s what pee wee and high school teams do to raise money, not a college team!

Are you going to pay me?

I finally got a contract on Thursday, almost a week after he had asked me to take the job. The contract was garbage-worthy, telling me that 75 players had to be on the roster for me to get paid. We had 15 players at the time and he had previously told me he only had the money to suit up 40 players anyway, so I didn’t sign it. On Saturday of the following week he ambushed me with a conference call with the players who wanted to know if I would be there on Sunday. I told them if I got paid I would.

Johnson then called my former player to ask if he was still paying my contract and the player told him yes but his accountant couldn’t get him the check until Tuesday or Wednesday. Johnson told the players that he would wire me the money in the morning.

At 9 am I get a call from a Ms. Thompson, who asked me if they could pay me enough to get me to North Carolina and pay me the rest when I got there. Of course I told her no.

I knew then it was all a scam!

Getting my son out of there

I texted Johnson around 1 pm on Sunday that I was coming to get my son on Monday and that I expected no problems when I got there. I drove 10 hours straight through and 10 hours straight back to get my son home safely.

Then it got weirder!

The Prostitute

On Wednesday morning my son starts getting texts from the players down there that the Apostle Johnson had kicked the players out of a motel room, #308, at 2 am in the morning so he could sleep with a prostitute!

I know this sounds crazy and made up but let’s hear it straight from the prostitute’s mouth!

The Apostle Johnson told the players this prostitute was his wife and he had told the prostitute that his wife had died a few days before he met her!

Then we find out in the next video the Apostle Timothy Johnson had told the prostitute his name was Jeff!

Then a woman named Julie, who was supposed to be an administrator at this fake school, enters the picture. As these young men are realizing they have been scammed, Julie claims to know nothing about it. She may not, but the young men in this video had parents that trusted the administration with their kids and this is what has happened.

Here is where the players find out what the Apostle Johnson told the prostitute about his wife.


In the words of the prostitute, she lets the players know how she would deal with the Apostle Johnson if it was her!

The players and their families

The player’s parents invested a lot of time and money in the Apostle Timothy Johnson. They entrusted him with their kids and they were burnt to the tune of thousands of dollars and crushed hopes and dreams. Will Johnson do the right thing?

Watch the videos and you tell me what you think. I posted a response to Julie Frierson on a Facebook post on Thursday about what happened because I wanted to see what her response was and her rebuttal to me was that she had videos of all the kids smoking weed down there, and if I did something like this that she would send the videos to coaches all over the country to ruin their chances to play elsewhere. When I tried to respond to her comment I could not because she had already blocked me.

I have seen this all before on many different levels and if something is not done about the Apostle Johnson he will more than likely strike again. There are still players in Fayetteville, North Carolina with no money to get home because the Johnson has stolen it. On the bright side, Johnson has a new Mercedes (that’s sarcasm)! Somebody needs to stand up for these kids and make the Apostle do the right thing because he has been asked to give the kids their money back but has not.

Please share this article everywhere you can, especially in the Fayetteville area so this scumbag who calls himself an Apostle never has the chance to repeat this.

Keep an eye out for the false Apostle Timothy Johnson. Or should I just call him Jeff?

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