Twitter: @hankins_owen                                                                                    Running Back/Athlete|6’1, 205| Rock Hill Sr High School

1- Where on the field do you like playing the best?


2- What have you done during the off-season to improve your game?

This off-season has been really focusing on getting my speed up. A lot of explosive work.

3- Who is the one team you can not stomach losing to?

Honestly, every loss is the same to me, personally, I can’t stand losing to anyone.

4- What goals have you set for yourself this season?

I’ve always had big goals for myself. The main goal I’m focused on is leading the OVC in rushing and I think I’m very capable of it, knowing the work I put in.

5- What is the best part of playing for Rock Hill?

I think the best part of playing for Rock Hill is our supporters. No matter how the season goes we always know our community is going to have our back and cheer us on.

6- Do you play any other sports? If so which ones?

I am a three-sport athlete. Football, basketball, and track.

7- How long have you played football?

I have been playing football ever since I was little. Even before flag football, my older brothers would play outside and that is really when I got into the sport.

8- I think the best song that could blast over the speakers at a high school football game is Football Friday Night by Joe Zelek. What is the song you like hearing before the game that can get you pumped up?

Before games, I actually like to listen to Inky Johnson. He’s a motivational speaker and he gets me fired up before games. If I had to pick a song, probably Lil Wayne “let it fly.”

9- What is your favorite class?

My favorite class is sports medicine. It has a lot to do with becoming an athletic trainer.

10- Pro or college sports which do you like better?

I do prefer watching college ball more than pro just because I feel like college players have a lot more to fight for. Pro athletes can lose and still make millions, but I can watch either one.