1) First I have to ask how has it been working with Coach Goodpaster?                                                                                                                                                It has been awesome he pushes me to my full potential and always tells me exactly how it is. I think without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.
2) What will it take for Ryle to make the next move up the food chain so that they are called a contender?
We have to work on the details of the game and get everyone on the same page and just buy into what our coaches are saying. Also, have to hold each other accountable and make sure they get their jobs done.
3) Who on your schedule do you want to beat the most?
Honestly, all of them they are are equally as important to the goal which is a state championship.
4) At this point in your young high school career what is the most valuable lesson you have learned from the older players on your team?
Go with your gut and back your decision up 100% and always count on yourself. Always watch the film and prepare yourself for the game on Friday.
5) What quarterback do you pattern your style of play after?
Tanner Morgan because not only did he go to Ryle he has had tons of college success and is always giving back to the team coming out to practices and workouts giving tips and other things. He is one of my role models for how I want to be on and off the field.
6) Which other sports do you play if any?
I also play basketball for Ryle.
7) What makes playing at Ryle so special?
Just the history of the people that have played there and having the community behind you. Also playing 6A football which is the highest level in Kentucky
8) How much film do you watch on your opponents?

I watch film on them every day looking for something I missed the day before 

9) What type of music do you like the best?
I would say I like hip hop the most
10) You can only watch one team play from now on which team are you watching?

Kansas City Chiefs because they are the most exciting team to watch