1) Basketball or football which one do you enjoying playing more?

I enjoy football more, it brings a certain level of adrenaline and excitement that no other sport can compare to.

2) You are listed on your hudl page as a WR, OLB, and TE?

Of the three positions where do you like playing the best?

Playing in the games, I like OLB the best, I feel I contribute there more than any other position I play.

3) What did you learn from the Southwestern game?

Unfortunately, I was in quarantine for the SW game, but watching it from home showed me how every play is important and proved that we can compete with some pretty good football teams no matter what class we are in.

4) What goals have you set for yourself and for the team?

For myself, I want to be a leader for the guys this year, I have some pretty big shoes to fill. For the team, I expect us to continue the success that this program has had in past years.

5) What is the one thing you have to improve on to become a better football player?

There are a few things I can improve on, bulking up would definitely benefit me on the field, and increasing my speed would make me a more versatile player.

6) You guys (CSP) basically have three home fields. Clymer Central/Sherman/Panama. Of the three which one do you like playing at the most?

Out of the 3 school fields, I like Panama the most, the bleachers are bigger and the field is nice to play on as well.

7) What has been the one win that you will always remember. I know this is a hard question because all you guys seem to do is win.

I would say Fredonia, they had studs on their offense, we played great, and it felt good to come out of there with a win.

8) Your head coach Ty Harper has treated me like I belong at your guys’ game and he always speaks to me after the game. I have nothing but respect for him. What is the biggest lesson you have learned playing for him?

I have learned a lot of lessons from Ty Harper, but the most important thing is loyalty. He would do anything for his players and treats us like family.

9) What is your favorite sports team.

My favorite sports teams are the Buffalo bills, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the LA Lakers. #billsmafia

10) What is your favorite type of music?

I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly country, Luke Combs doesn’t miss.