1-How important is it for Watkins to open the season with a victory?

We open with New Albany and this is why it is important to me for us to start off with a win. New Albany came back in the bottom of the 7th to knock us out of the baseball playoffs. SO maybe that one is more personal for me and the other baseball players on the team.

2-The Warriors ended 2020 with a .500 record. What will it take for you guys to improve on that this season?

Coach Waters has been stressing the word culture so if we all buy-in and come out ready to work as a team we’ll have no problem going 10-0

3- How rough was last season as far as trying to stay motivated with everything that was going on?

It cut back on bonding time. But it’s not hard to stay motivated when you get to play football.

4) Who is the one team in the county you enjoying beating the most?

Licking Heights Period.

5) Not county your home stadium which is really nice. Which stadium/field do you enjoy playing at the most?

Licking Heights atmosphere but I’m looking forward to my 1st trip to Johnstown.

6) Which other sports, if any do you play for Watkins?

I Play LF for the baseball team.

7) What part of the game do you feel you have to improve on the most to make you a better quarterback?

Pocket presence.

8) Who is the one teammate you can lean on when you are having a bad game?

I can’t pick just one. Jaleel Sales, Nate Younker, Caleb Wheeler, Brody Lee, are some names that come to mind.

9) Have you ever been to a Denison game?

Yes watched my uncle Gabe Shroyer who played at Wittenberg win a 5 OT thriller.

10) What is your game day routine?

Go to school, go home and eat. Head to the locker room and watch film till it’s time to roll!