1- Could you tell the readers how the high school bowl games are set up in Kentucky?

Usually, bowls in KY are set up for the first week or two of the season. Often, a sponsor will pay to bring in teams so that the host schools can fund their athletic department.

2- Are you happy with the state title games being at the University of Kentucky? Yes

3- Can you tell everyone why you are in favor of all of the teams in some districts making the playoffs  or explain why you do not like this?

In KY we take the top four in each district. It can lead to some huge mismatches in the first round, but so far that has been the best way we have done it.


4- What are your thoughts on playing out of state opponents?

I like the idea. It is a good changeup.

5- What was the toughest part of the covid season as far as you as a coach went through?

Not knowing from day to day if you can practice, will have a game, or even who the opponent will be.

6- Who is the one coach you learned the most from?

A bunch of them. At the top of the list…. my Dad, Larry French, Chuck Smith and Roger Gruneisen.

7- Is it easier to coach at a smaller school or at a bigger school? Why?

More to manage in a big school, but smaller schools are tough because you have limited personnel and so many guys go both ways.

8- Who is the best player you ever coached?

Hard to say! Have been blessed to coach some really good ones!

9- Where is the hardest place to take a team to play a game at as far as atmosphere goes? Hardest… don’t know… my favorite… Flatwoods to play the Red Devils, Putnam Stadium to play Ashland, and David Cecil Stadium to play the Highlands Blue Birds.

10- Who is the coach you must like going up against?

We had some great battles vs Russell. Ivan McGlone was the head coach and David Morris was a great DC. Those were tough games but a lot of fun.