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High School Football Spotlight: Greg Bonifay, Head Coach Stebbins

In the Spotlight!

1- Stebbins posted a 5-3 record which was a two-game improvement from the previous year. What must you guys do to make another jump up in wins?

We must continue to improve every day. We have dedicated kids and a dedicated staff that will continue to grow as long as continue to work hard’ work as one unit, and never get satisfied.


2- Team numbers are low all over the place. What do you think can be done not only at your school but overall to get numbers back up?

This is a tough one……..Last year, even during the pandemic, we had about 30 more kids out than they ended the season with the year before I got here. There are just so many other things that kids can do now that you really have to sell your program. You have to get these kids to believe what you are doing and buy into the program to get them out


3- As a coach how do you feel about Thursday nights and Saturday games?

I feel they can be special for kids. When you play those other days you are usually the only show in town. It kind of spotlights your kids and the program. It also allows coaches to scout their next opponent in person.


4- In your coaching career who is that one player that gave you nightmares trying to prepare for. What team did he play for?

I would have to look back into my Southeastern days. Joe Webb of Mechanicsburg. He just out-athlete everyone he played, and for four years!


5- What are your feelings about girls playing football?

I’ve had a girl on my team at Stebbins for the past two years. She is one of the best teammates and students of the game we have. This coming season we will add another female to our roster as a freshman. It was a learning process for me with locker rooms and restrooms at away games, but it’s been a great experience for all involved


6- Where do you think the state finals should be played?

Although I think Columbus is a great spot for them to be played, I love the atmosphere that Northeast Ohio brings.


7- In the perfect world what offense and defense would you run if you had the talent to do it?

I love the spread offense and the 4-3 defense


8- You have been asked to talk to the incoming seventh-grade class about why they should sign up for football. What is the biggest reason you tell them that they should play?

Football is a game that can shape you into the adult you will become. Everything we do as a football program can be translated and carried over to your everyday life. My goal as a coach is to have our players leave our program as better people. Graduating on time and becoming great people out in our community. But it also helps you can legally punish your opponent into submission.


9- In New York tickets for a regular-season game are as low as two dollars in Ohio they are as high as eight dollars. Do you think Ohio is outpricing the game?

Ticket prices are what they are. I look at it as still being cheaper than going to see a movie in the theater.


10- Do you prefer the game be played on grass or turf?

Until I consistently played on turf I would have said grass, but now, I lean towards turf. It is more consistent footing and uniforms are so much easier to keep clean! Thanks for the opportunity and all you do!-Greg Bonifay

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