1- Can you tell the readers when you started coaching football and where that first job was?

I actually completed an internship with the Buffalo Bills during training camp in 2000, the summer before my senior year of college. My athletic eligibility was exhausted and had 2 semesters of school remaining so I was a student assistant at Wilmington College working with the OL my senior year of school. Upon graduation, I began my first coaching assignment at Monroe High School.


2- Who is the one player that gave you nightmares as far as having to prepare for?

The first player that comes to mind was a few years back from Colerain High School, Ivan Pace. He was just as TOUGH as they came and NEVER came off of the field. A Head Coach at the time, we had to stop him as the FB in the Triple Option and then had to attempt to “manage” him as an Overhang in the 3-4. YIKES!!


3- As a coach how do you feel about Thursday night games and the Saturday afternoon games? I think it’s whatever is best for kids. If it provides our kids with a good opportunity, then I like it. In my opinion, I like them because you are one of a select few playing at that time, as well as, you may get to go watch other games. I feel it also provides your kids with a “college” feel.


4- Where do you think the state finals should be played? I think the state finals should be played in Columbus. The state capital. Also, it’s more centralized for the majority.


5- Which opponent was the toughest to prepare for and why? I guess I’ll have to give ol’ Colerain more props. I just feel like the Triple Option and the ol’ 50 Slant/Angle is the toughest on both sides to prepare for.


6- What one win sticks out the most to you? I’d have to say winning the Regional Championship in 2005 when I was at Monroe as the OC/QB. We beat Valley View who was a powerhouse at the time in the Division. Princeton HS was packed. I had coached for 3 different coaches in my 6 years there and it was just really special seeing kids that had gone through some rough times take a trip to the Final Four.


7- How do you feel about playing out-of-state teams? Being in Cincinnati you guys have some really good schools not too far away in Kentucky and Indiana. I LOVE playing out-of-state teams. I’m really proud of Ohio high school football and specifically SW Ohio. I think we play GREAT high school football here. I got to see Florida high school football during a stint at Vero Beach High School. No doubt Florida high school football is good. Got to coach against Pahokee HS, got to coach a Remington Award Winner, got to see multiple Div I kids weekly. I also got to recruit while at Lincoln University, so saw a lot of high school football from around the country. But I still feel, per capita, we have some of the BEST. Back to the playing out-of-state teams, it’s phenomenal. When I was at Moeller, we played Indianapolis Cathedral (13-14 state championships) and Louisville Trinity. It was just a really neat experience. #OH


8- The Skyline Chili Crosstown Showdown for fans is great but as a coach and a team does it matter very much? If it matters to the kids, it matters to me and I think the kids enjoyed it. I remember when I was at Northwest, it was a big deal. Some schools don’t get those opportunities and like I’ve said, it was good for the kids and school. AND ANYTHING to do with Skyline is good with me!!


9- What one rule in high school football do you think should be changed? I’m not going to complain. If it’s a rule, we gotta follow it. Can’t blame it on officials etc. Although my Browns might have had a trip to the Super Bowl if they wouldn’t have fumbled the ball through the endzone…


10- What is the single hardest part about coaching high school football? Nothing hard about it. Work hard, appreciate your blessings and opportunities and love kids. Simple. Greatest profession on earth.