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What Should be Done about Baker Mayfield? Should He Still Win the Heisman?

Kansas is to blame, not Baker Mayfield!
There will be repercussions for Baker Mayfield’s actions as Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley announced Monday that Mayfield will not start the Sooners’ regular-season finale against West Virginia. He will not be suspended for the entire game, though Riley did not elaborate on how long Mayfield will sit before entering the game.

“I think it’s important for everybody here, across the country, to keep it in perspective,” said Riley. “Everybody, not just Baker, they’re still just young men. They’re not adults. They’re still learning.”

Mayfield was caught on camera grabbing his crotch and gesticulating to Kansas players during Oklahoma’s blowout win on Saturday. Mayfield was upset with Kansas players for refusing to shake hands before the game, and for taking what he felt were cheap shots during the game. Mayfield apologized following the game.

Should Mayfield be suspended? Hell, why is nobody calling for Kansas players to get in trouble? Wait that’s right, until the handshake snub most people didn’t realize that Kansas even had a football team!

Video: Baker Mayfield Vs. Kansas (No Handshake, Cheap Shot, Crotch Grab, Cursing, And More)

Baker Mayfield Vs. Kansas (No Handshake, Cheap Shot, Crotch Grab, Cursing, And More)

Why would Kansas, a one-win football team, be so classless as to refuse to shake hands before the game? Well, let one of the Jayhawks explain.

Video: Hasan Defense, Joe Dineen talk about late hit on Baker Mayfield, handshake snub

Hasan Defense, Joe Dineen talk about late hit on Baker Mayfield, handshake snub

So the Jayhawks did it to let Mayfield know they were here and were not going to be pushed around? Really? So let me get this straight. The Jayhawks, who have only one win all year, were classless instigators because they want respect? They want the Sooners to know that they are here? Give me a break! Maybe if they had won some games during the year they wouldn’t have to be total jerks.

No, the lack of class that the Jayhawks exhibited on Saturday is why their team sucks. So here’s an idea. If you suck as a team, maybe work on getting better so the Sooners know you are there. Not shaking hands before the game just lets everybody know that you are not only losers, but classless losers. The University of Kansas should be the ones being attacked by the media, not Baker Mayfield.

Should Mayfield be punished?

I think Riley should sit Mayfield for a series. Far too many times these days a player is allowed to do whatever he wants because he can throw a ball. This is a perfect time for Head Coach Lincoln Riley to show Mayfield that he will be held accountable. Football is a violent game and it is also very emotional, so I have no problem with the trash-talking the other team. The suspension comes from grabbing his crotch, and you just can’t do that. The punishment should be no longer than one or two series.

Should the Heisman Trophy be taken from Mayfield for this?

Hell NO! I know part of the Heisman criteria is that the player needs to exhibit integrity, but remember this: they did award the trophy to Johnny Manziel and I think we can all agree that Mayfield is nowhere near on Johnny Football’s level yet for being a douche.

What about Kansas Players should they be suspended?

Yes, and for an entire game, in my opinion. It is one of the lowest things you can do as a competitor when you refuse to shake hands before or after a contest. Football is a violent game and things get said and done that can make someone you don’t even know a mortal enemy because of what happens on the field. Once that game ends, you must be a man and forget about it, and if you can’t, you really have no business playing the game of football.

How is this for an idea Kansas? If you want to make a statement, quit getting your ass kicked every Saturday! If you could have backed up the pregame bull-crap you spewed then Baker Mayfield wouldn’t have grabbed his crotch since you would have been shutting him down.


Baker Mayfield is a human being and human beings make mistakes, but in this case why are people ignoring the Jayhawks role in all of this? If they would have acted like adults and shook hands they would have just gotten their ass kicked yet again and nobody would have even talked about the game. In the end, Kansas started this and they couldn’t back up their pre-game rhetoric. Baker Mayfield is still the best player in college football and he still deserves the Heisman Trophy.

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