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Coaches Leaving Before Bowl Games Must be Stopped: So why won’t the NCAA do something?

The NCAA is Corrupt!

Today I watched a great championship game between two upstart programs in Memphis and Central Florida. That game was ruined for me when, with eight minutes left in the second half, ESPN reported that UCF head coach Scott Frost had accepted a job offer from the University of Nebraska. Now this is great for Frost and Nebraska, but why does it happen at this point in the season?

While watching the game’s end, all I could think about was those players who had put their hearts into this season having their coach leave them before the ultimate goal they started with: to play a bowl game against a big-time program and prove how good they are.

Maybe don’t announce it during the game…?

Why must a head coaching change be mentioned during the game? Why does the coach need to be questioned right after the game? Why couldn’t ABC and ESPN just cover the damn game? All they did by doing this was take the attention away from a great football team that in two short years had gone from a winless season to an undefeated season.

Why? Because ESPN has become more like CNN than a sports network, which is why they have to every few months lay more people off. People are tuning ESPN out because of all the BS stories they run.

Is Scott Frost to blame?

NO!!!! He is playing by the rules that the NCAA has written and this is unfortunately the way the game is played at this time. Frost has just secured his dream job at Nebraska, so how can you blame him? I blame the NCAA for allowing this to happen!

Why this hurts college football

Every year it seems there are multiple teams playing in bowl games with new head coaches because of this and in most cases those teams do not perform well. Take the case of Brian Kelly in 2009 as he led the Cincinnati Bearcats to an undefeated season, the first in school history.

Immediately after that win, it was discovered that, even though Kelly was telling everybody he was staying, he was actually lying out his ass and then just kind of disappeared to South Bend, leaving his team to fend for themselves against Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. The Gators of course destroyed an excellent Bearcats team with ease – for reasons, look no further than Brian Kelly! The Bearcats may not have beaten Florida, but it would have been a much closer game had Kelly stayed.

College football does not care about the student-athletes; it cares about its bottom line. Think a player for UCF could have announced during the game that after the game he was going to go ahead and go to Oklahoma immediately and start playing next year? Of course he couldn’t.

Teams like UCF who go unbeaten have no shot to make the college football playeoffs because let’s face it they wouldn’t bring in as much money as an Alabama or an Ohio State, so they are left to just fend for themselves.

What could the NCAA do?

This is real easy: Just make a rule that head coaches are off limits until the end of the current season. Why would that be so hard to do? The NFL does it!


The NCAA is just a greedy corporation that only worries about lining it’s own pockets. They could care less about the member institutions they represent. They are more worried about sending their executives to lavish bowl parties where they can be given expensive gifts and large sums of money. If you want to know why there are only four teams allowed in the playoffs, that right there is the reason.

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