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What We Learned from an Epic Night of Boxing (Was it a Robbery?)

Did you get your money's worth?

Saturday night’s main event between Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez was a night boxing has needed for years now. It’s not that we haven’t seen high-level fights, but it was the way they fought. Saturday night was a throwback to men like Leonard, Hagler, Hearns etc. They were not just boxing to win, they actually put it all on the line and tried to finish the fight.

The last couple of decades have seen fighters that are just happy to get the win. Sure Floyd Mayweather was a great fighter, but he never tried to finish a show by taking the chances that these men took and it was glorious! The decision is up for debate, but no longer can it be up for debate that these are two great fighters!

Let’s take a look at what we learned on Saturday night.

Much respect for Canelo

Like him or not he came to fight. To stand toe-to-toe with GGG takes tremendous guts and he showed that ten-fold. It’s comparable to when Leonard stood in the pocket with Duran in Montreal. Of course Leonard lost a close decision and Canelo won one, but the decision here does not matter. Canelo’s choice to go balls-to-the-wall has to be respected by even Canelo haters. If you haven’t given it, you are not truly a boxing fan.

Nobody got robbed

I had GGG winning the fight 115-113, but with that being said, I can see how the judges could have had Canelo edging it out. I think the robbery outcry comes from the fact that Canelo always gets the benefit of the doubt in the scoring.

HBO is completely inept

From the announcing to the almost 90-minute delay between the last undercard bout to the start of the main event, it was just a bad night for HBO. Who thought that any of the three undercard fights would last more than 5 rounds? Why not start the Main Event at 10:30? Sure you could say that the arena would only have been half full but maybe it would teach people that spend thousands of dollars on tickets to show up before the main event.

Jim Lampley had maybe the best moment when he told the story of Matthew Macklin and almost freaking cried! Jim has always been, shall we say, over-emotional. Throw in the fact that Max Kellerman is in love with Alvarez and you have a broadcast that wasn’t up to the standard you should expect on a night as big as that.

GGG haters need to be quiet

Golovkin is clearly past his prime, but at the age of 36 he stood in against Canelo and actually won the second half of the fight! GGG has never ducked anybody, and while the division was not very strong while he was in his prime, that is not his fault, as he can only fight who is there and who will fight him. Because of the competition he faced, I don’t think he is a top-ten middleweight of all-time, but I don’t think any of the greatest middleweights of all-time would have had an easy night against Golovkin.

A third fight needs to happen quickly

Like December! Golovkin is showing his age and waiting another year may make this fight one-sided. My fear is that now that Canelo is the champion De La Hoya will push a Golovkin rematch back until next September, or maybe not at all. Canelo ducked Golovkin for a couple of years and with good reason… well I should change that to De La Hoya ducked Golovkin for a couple of years. Considering that, I think they will make him wait longer than he should for a third fight.

Undercard fights

Spike O’Sullivan was in way over his head against David Lemieux, as was Cook against Mungia. Am I the only one out there that would like to see Lemieux-Mungia? That would be a classic brawl and would allow us to see if Mungia can take a punch.

One final note, I hope Roman Gonzalez retires. Sure he won easy, but he looks old and I hate to see a great fighter go out the way he will probably go out if he continues to fight.

A great night for boxing

No matter if you agreed with the decision or not, and even ignoring the HBO crew that called the fight, when was the last time you paid for a PPV fight and felt you got your money’s worth? As for me, I can say I got my money’s worth last night.

Hopefully I don’t have to wait another decade to feel that way again.

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