Current boxers are not eligible for this list.

9) Eric Morales

Morales was the first Mexican to win titles in 4 separate weight classes. He defeated 15 world champions, including Marco Antonio Barrera, Junior Jones, Daniel Zaragoza, Paulie Ayala, and Kevin Kelley. Morales also owns a victory over Manny Pacquiao.

8) Marco Antonio Barerra

Beat Morales in 2 out of 3 fights, maybe most famous for dominating and shutting up Prince Naseem. Also beat the likes of Kennedy McKinney, Naseem Hamed, Paulie Ayala, Erik Morales, Kevin Kelley, and Johnny Tapia.

7) Juan Manuel Marquez

Marquez does not get the credit he deserved. He was a great fighter and legend. He knocked out Manny Pacquiao and the argument can be made that Marquez beat Pacquiao in 3 of their 4 fights. Marquez also owned wins over Marco Antonio Barerra, Juan Diaz, and Joel Cassamayor.

6) Miguel Canto

Canto is one of the greatest Flyweights in history and after winning the title defended it 14 straight times and those defenses were quality against the likes of Betulio Gonzalez, Lupe Madera, Martin Vargas, and Antonio Avelar.

5) Vicente Saldivar

Saldivar only had 40 pro fights but the quality of boxers he beat was amazing. Japan’s Mitsunori Seki (two times), Ghana’s Floyd Robertson, United Kingdom’s Howard Winstone (three times) were all supremely talented fighters. Saldivar captured the title by upsetting Ismael Laguna and also beat Sugar Ramos. Not bad in 40 fights. He retired as a champion and while gone, two excellent featherweights, Cuba’s Jose Legra and Australia’s Johnny Famechon would set themselves apart as the two best fighters at 126 pounds. Saldivar returned from retirement and beat them both.

4) Ruben Olivares

Olivares is one of the greatest bantamweights in history and his left-hook is legendary. All but one of his losses were in his last 25 fights, in his first 60 or so fights he was unbeatable.

3) Carlos Zarate

Zarate was a tremendous puncher and in 1977 had one of the greatest victories of any Mexican Boxers when he knocked out Alfonso Zamora. Zarate suffered his first loss to a prime Wilfredo Gomez. Zarate was the only boxer to have more than 20 straight knockouts at two different points in his career.

2) Julio Cesar Chavez

Chavez had wins over Edwin Rosario, Tony Lopez, Greg Haugen, Roger Mayweather, and Meldrick Taylor.  Sure his early record is questionable, but what is not questionable is what happened after 1984 as Chavez was dominant.

1). Salvador Sanchez

Sanchez’s career was cut short by a car crash, but his career was full. He beat Hall of Famers Azumah Nelson, Danny Lopez, and Wilfredo Gomez. He was a brilliant technician and could do it all. It’s impossible not to wonder what else he would have achieved if he hadn’t died so young. He is without question the greatest Mexican fighter of all time.