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The Top-10 Knockouts of 2019

Highlights of the year

1) Deontay Wilder KO 1 Dominic Breazeale

WOW! This was one of the most devastating knockouts that I have ever seen. Deontay Wilder had some harsh words to say to Dominic Breazeale prior to the fight and although they might have seemed a little over the top to some, he delivered as promised and those harsh words became a harsh reality. Breazele looked like he got picked off by a sniper. His body collapsed with a lifeless limp. There was no recovering from that straight right hand that landed as clean as could be, with Wilder’s entire body weight behind it. Good Night!

2) Canelo Alvarez KO 11 Sergey Kovalev

Sergey Kovalev might have been winning this bout up until the stoppage and had Kovalev been putting more power behind his punches, this very well could have been a knockout the other way. However, Canelo waited patiently for the right moment and BOOM! With an instant turn of events, the left hook swayed the momentum and then lights out went the straight right hand.

3) Teofimo Lopez KO 6 Diego Magdaleno

Teofimo Lopez is a knockout artist and this was solid proof of that. Magdaleno is a tough guy, but this match could have been stopped a little bit sooner, as he was taking a beating and had some wobbly legs even before the knockout. Iif it had been stopped, we wouldn’t be talking about the outstanding knockout that followed and boy was it pretty. It’s rare to see somebody fly across the ring the way Diego did. The unsportsmanlike conduct that transpired was the an unfortunate thing in the entire ordeal.

4) Yuniel Dorticos KO 10 Andrew Tabiti

This was a good styles matchup and it was a good fight until the clean knockout. The winner of this was going to move on to the next round in the WBSS in the cruiserweight division. Tabiti was boxing nicely, but Dorticos was keeping the pressure on. The knockout came when the two were trading punches and Dorticos ended up landing the clean shot right to the button and the light switch went off.

5) Vasyl Lomachenko KO 4 Anthony Crolla

Embed from Getty Images

We were all expecting Lomachenko to outclass Crolla and possibly even stop him in the later rounds from taking a beating, but I can’t say we were expecting a knockout like that. It might be me, but it seems like Anthony Crolla has a very hard skull. The sound of the punch that knocked him out was kind of odd. It sounded more solid than hollow. Almost kind of like tapping your knuckles across your wall, trying to find a stud. It kind of gave me a headache thinking about it. Also, the way he fell was stiff, like a rock, instead of awkward and sprawled out, like most. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen or heard anybody so “punch drunk” afterwards either. Crolla looked and sounded like he had been out all night at a pub, getting hammered with his buddies. I hate to add more embarrassment to the situation, but it also doesn’t help when your night ends face down and ass up.

6) Nonito Donaire KO 6 Stephon Young

This was a match that kind of went as expected. Donaire was assumed to go in and get Young out of there and he certainly delivered. A beautiful left hook put Stephon Young out on his back and for a minute. It looked almost peaceful. The way Young was laying, looked like he was just laying on his bed taking an afternoon nap.

7) Gennady Golovkin KO 4 Steve Rolls

When have we ever seen this sort of chopping corkscrew punch that Golovkin has become accustomed to throwing? It’s very awkward but he throws it like he’s doing it on purpose. He has wobbled and taken out some of his other opponents with it and it worked to perfection against Rolls to set up the lottery shot. The left hook ended the night for Steve Rolls when he went down face first with his lips gently pressed against the blood-soaked ring, whispering sweet lullabies to the canvas.

8) Deontay Wilder KO 7 Luis Ortiz

Realistically, it was kind of a boring fight up until the knockout, but I guess that’s the way it usually is with “The Bronze Bomber”. It only takes one and it was no different here. Ortiz was outworking Wilder and then comes the straight right hand down the pipe and down goes King Kong from the empire state building.

9) Arnold Barboza Jr. KO 3 Mike Alvarado

Most of us weren’t expecting Alvarado to go out the way he did, but it looked like a going away party for Mighty Mike after falling across the ring and unsteady on his legs. Alvarado might want to consider a career change, or possibly keeping his opposition at a minimum from here on out. Barboza looked really good. His punches were technically solid and although he’s not known to have a lot of power, he caught Alvarado with some quality punches that ultimately ended the night and possibly the career of Mike Alvarado

10) Vergil Ortiz KO 3 Mauricio Herrera

Embed from Getty Images

The right hand that put Herrera out was brutal because Vergil Ortiz throws his punches very hard and tries to take your head off, but it’s also impressive because “El Maestro” is a tough guy who had never been stopped before that knockout and believe me, Herrera was out.

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