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The Beginner’s Boxing Workout to Get You in Fighting Shape

Where to start

Boxing workouts involve training your body and mind simultaneously. One significant factor in boxing exercises is that they can be performed anywhere and without the use of special gym equipment.

Adapting to such a workout routine proves to be helpful with body sculpting. This can be ascertained by the muscular and toned bodies of elite boxers.

Boxing workouts tend to take longer than other exercises and pack a little bit more intensity, too. For a boxer to endure 12 rounds of boxing with an opponent, their stamina needs to be high. Boxing training helps improve focus, speed, and strength.

When training for boxing, your primary goals need to be on improving conditioning and technique. Without the correct conditioning, our body’s stamina will be low, and even an amateur boxer may be capable of beating you. Boxing is a good sport and a good option for self-defense, but with lack of technique and good conditioning, it is a useless form of martial art.

In this article, we will breakdown drills for technique improvement and workouts for conditioning.

Training like a fighter helps you build core power, longer endurance, and overall strength.


When it comes to boxing, we focus on offense and end up having poor defensive skills. Your defense depends on the balance and strength of your lower body.

Squats will help you build stronger legs and glutes, and with these, it’s easier to weave, bob, and slip.

Shoulder Press

Your shoulders are another part of the body that contributes to your defense improvement, shoulders, and endurance.

Jump Rope

Skipping rope is a classic boxing exercise. This exercise favors many athletes since it can be done anywhere provided one has a rope.

By performing this exercise, you get to build a healthy and leaner body. It also improves coordination, footwork, and agility.

Variations of jump rope you can try are double jumps, high knees, and single jumps.


This is the best exercise to increase endurance and strength. To make the training more explosive, incorporate the use of work out supplements. offers products that aid with joint pain, perseverance, and muscle growth. Burpees also help with quick recovery from a knockdown because of the rapid up and down motion.


Our torsos also play a vital role when it comes to defense. If you want an upper body that can withstand several shots without much impact, you’ll need to have a strong core. Stronger cores also help in building strength to continue throwing punches.


Push-ups will give you strong shoulders, core muscles, chest, and arms. They require no equipment.

Chin-ups and Pull-ups

These exercises are similar to push-ups but with a bonus. These exercises involve training and building a stronger, wider back.

Walking Lunges

This variation of lunges helps to build glutes, legs, and core muscles. They also improve balance and flexibility as well.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing, when performed correctly, improves speed and movement. It’s also more tiring than one might imagine. You can try adding dumbbell weights for a great shadow boxing workout.


Including sparring in your exercise will help in improving your reaction and creativity levels in a boxing match. A sparring partner will also help you improve your punches.

Try practicing punching combos over and over to develop muscle memory.


Boxing training is not only an excellent form of self-defense but also a perfect way to build a gorgeous body while you’re at it.

Pick three sets of workouts from any of those listed and perform them for at least 15 minutes each. Do this while resting between sets. For the core exercises, complete at least 50-100 repetitions. Make sure you don’t exhaust your body throughout the week and rest twice or three times within a week.

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