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Some advice to Claressa Shields: More knockouts, less mouth

Put up or shut up!
“I’m just the undisputed champion – I am great as I think I am and I’ve been able to prove it by taking on these big challenges and beating these girls who they say cannot be beaten.”
Claressa Shields
Last weekend, Claressa Shields won her second undisputed title. Unfortunately for her, it seems very few care.
You can open up newspapers everywhere and see how dominant this all-time great champion has been(sarcasm)
This is a quote from her manager Mark Taffert
“She’s going to win the heavyweight title,” said Taffet, the former head of HBO’s pay-per-view boxing division. “Remember, Roy Jones fought as a middleweight and he went up and fought John Ruiz for the heavyweight title and he won.
“I don’t know if anybody had ever made that jump. Maybe Ray Robinson did that. But at the right time, she’s going to again do the impossible. She’s going to be the heavyweight champion.”
Are we comparing her to male fighters who fought 12 and 15 three-minute rounds to win their titles against very good competition? The stupidity of all of this is truly astounding. I realize we are supposed to act like athletic women can do anything men can do, but in truth, they can’t.
Shields couldn’t beat the one-hundredth ranked man in the middleweight division. Why compare her accomplishments to guys like Jones and Robinson?
It’s stupid and asinine.
The truth of the matter is that Shields fights in what can politely be described as a weak women’s boxing era. Honestly, all women’s boxing eras have been weak. Now don’t get me wrong, I think there are some highly talented women’s boxers in the past and the present. But do we want to compare what Shields has done with Sugar Ray Robinson?
It is not Shields fault that the competition is weak, but it is her fault that almost all of her fights are distance fights against way-lesser opposition. She doesn’t knock anybody out. Imagine if she was destroying these girls like a George Foreman or Mike Tyson did early in their careers?
Hell, who wouldn’t watch that? Instead, we get snooze fests. After the bout, we have to listen to her tell everybody how great she is when she just went the distance with a waitress.
She talks about inequality when it comes to her coverage and her pay, but let’s face it, she’s lucky to get the coverage she gets. In general, most boxing fans don’t care.
Do they not care because she is a woman? No, they don’t care because she is boring plus a loudmouth. If she was likable, well that would help, if she could knock people out, well that would help even more. She is none of those things and never will be.
As for her quote at the top of the article, who has she beaten that nobody thought she could defeat? Has she ever been an underdog?
In the end, Claressa, if you want people to watch you maybe try shutting up and knocking people out.
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