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Mayweather-McGregor Proves That There is Still a Sucker Born Every Minute

The Money Grab of the Century

If you are excited about this “fight” I am sorry but you are a moron. If you think that this will be good for boxing or mma you are crazy! This fight will probably bring in over 600 million dollars, so P.T. Barnum’s old adage that there is a sucker born every minute still rings true.

Why would Mayweather take this fight?

This is obvious to everybody. He is in it for the money grab, nothing more. When he says it’s because it’s what fans want to see he is telling nothing but an outright lie! A boxing fan would rather see him take on Canelo in a rematch or maybe move up and challenge Gennady Golovkin. There are plenty of options at 147, as well. Nobody wants to see an old fighter who hasn’t fought in two years take on a man that has never had a professional boxing match. Why would you want to see it?

You might ask why somebody who has made as much money as Floyd needs to make such a spectacle of himself? Maybe the way he spends money is the answer. Mike Tyson made over 300 million dollars in his career and ended up losing almost all of it. My bet is Floyd may have made a huge amount of money in his career, but he spends so much he needs even more. Just a thought.

Why would McGregor take the Fight

Once again this is plain as day: he wants the money. Mixed martial artists make nowhere near the money boxers do and this is McGregor’s chance to make a purse that he could only dream about getting in the UFC. This fight makes sense for McGregor because the fight will basically set himself and his family up for life if he doesn’t blow it all.

Possible outcomes

I am sorry, but there is only one possible outcome and that is Mayweather boxing McGregor’s ears off until the fight is stopped. I know some of you are screaming “NO, McGregor has a puncher’s chance!” and I will yell just as loud back “NO HE DOESN’T!” You don’t have a punchers chance if you can’t get to Mayweather to hit him. Mayweather is a skilled boxer who has been schooling professionals for two decades and McGregor is NOT. He is an MMA fighter!

Other possible scenarios (weird outcomes)

I think you also have the possibility of Mayweather and McGregor coming to a gentleman’s agreement to dance around each other and make sure nobody gets hurt. The other which I bring up with great hesitation would be what if Mayweather has somebody throw down a lot of money on McGregor to win? He would then get his purse and a huge payoff for losing. Once again I said long-shot chance, but you never know in this day and age.

Why fans who buy this are stupid?

Because if you are going to shell out your hard earned money and expect to see a fight you haven’t watched Floyd Mayweather before. Mayweather does not bring you an action-packed fight which is what I would hope you expect to see for $100 dollars. Maybe McGregor will haul off and kick him out of frustration. That’s about the only exciting conclusion I could see to this fight. Because in the end, it is not about a fight it is about a circus act, nothing more, nothing less. I guarantee you this, if you pay to see this fight you will hate yourself the next morning, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you.


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