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If I Were a Boxing Matchmaker: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

How I would maximize Alvarez's legacy
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Hey folks. This is the first edition of a segment in which I would like to play fantasy matchmaker in the great sport of boxing. I look forward to putting together my personal thoughts on what I believe are the best matches to make for several boxers in each weight class. I will update these throughout the year and add new weight classes and fighters throughout each week. These are my personal opinions of the best scenario matchups for the boxers at the given time of the article.

I would love to hear feedback and have some civilized debates with the rest of the boxing world. I believe most of us have become slightly annoyed by high number of poor mismatches, overuse of “tune-up fights” and most certainly, the outrageous number of “champions” there are in boxing.

Let’s do our duty to clean this sport up.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 51-1-2 (35 KOs)

World Middleweight Champion

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In my view, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is one of few legitimate champions in boxing today. Although his win against Gennady Golovkin was slightly controversial and understandably so, the bout was decided to have a victor, which in the end was Saul Alvarez. Regardless of the debates that followed and the Clenbuterol situation prior, he won the second fight fairly (we hope). The scorecards from the judges were good, unlike in the first fight. They could have gone the other way, as well.

Prior to ever fighting Golovkin, Canelo defeated Miguel Cotto back in 2015, who before that, had defeated Sergio Martinez in 2014. Both were considered to be “The Man” in the middleweight division at the time they had the belts. Obviously, the list can go on forever with Canelo due to his status as the crowned number one middleweight in the world, his ability to move to multiple weight classes, and also due to his status as the highest payday for any boxer willing to put on a set of gloves against him. Clearly, most would take the risk if they’re getting paid significantly more than they would against anybody else.

These potential matchups are ones that I believe are the best for the fans viewings and/or for his legacy as a boxer. He can move up to super middleweight and most likely take out all of the fighters in that division and get a lot of credit for doing so by the casual fan who listens to the mumbo jumbo of multiple weight class “champions”. However, I don’t think this benefits his legacy unless he takes care of that in between his more legitimate middleweight scraps. Kind of like what he did with Rocky Fielding, even though he was not a champion of anything. If he fought the best guys in the middleweight division first, all while taking out the boxers in the super middleweight division in between those middleweight bouts, that would be more understandable and provide more legitimacy to the legacy; not if he moves up to super middleweight and only fights the best in that division. Super middleweight is not a worthwhile weight class, along with many other weight classes. Though it is more reasonable than some of the smaller weight classes with only three- or four-pound difference. Nonsense for another article I suppose.

“Let’s get to getten,” as the elder hillbillies would say.

#1 Matchup: Gennady “GGG” Golovkin 38-1-1 (34 KOs)

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Clearly the number one boxer at middleweight deserving of a shot at Canelo again. Gennady Golovkin, to most, believe that he won the first bout with Canelo. The second fight was a little closer, and again, could have gone either way. Both were quality fights and most would enjoy seeing it for the third time. Not only was it a fight that the money craving promoters wanted to see happen but also a fight that we as fans were asking for. It’s not often enough that those two coincide with each other. It should definitely happen more often.

Golovkin is an older boxer who needs this fight sooner than later. Not only for his legacy as a middleweight and personal peace of mind, but also because he is just outright more deserving of everything that goes along with the bout. Money included. The only problem I have with this matchup is that I really believe that the second bout with these two men showed me that Canelo is the one that is more on the upside and it seemed that it took a little more tread off the tires of Gennady. He seemed to struggle a little more than expected and just had that demeanor of someone downhill from there. I’m not suggesting he is out of contention against other top contenders, maybe just against Canelo himself. Alvarez went after Golovkin and showed grit. They both did. They both deserve a lot of credit and applause. However, I think from what I seen in the second bout, Canelo beats Golovkin a little more clearly in the third fight. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still love to see it anyways. Make it happen. Give the man his due in proper.

#2 Matchup: Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs 35-2 (29 KOs)

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Aside from Gennady Golovkin, Daniel Jacobs is the clear number two in line. He is a classy veteran who is still one of the premier boxers in the middleweight division. As soon as I found out that this match was actually made official, I was excited. I was actually proud of Canelo and Golden Boy for making this bout happen. Even though it makes sense for them for the money, as well. Both being on DAZN. I think Canelo wins this by Decision, however, should be a fight to enjoy. I can’t wait to see it.

#3 Matchup: Billy Joe Saunders 27-0 (13 KOs)

Although Mister Billy Joe has had his issues, he is still one of the top middleweight fighters over the last several years. He hasn’t quite had that elite level fight yet. Top contenders yes, but not elite fighters yet. Forget all the nonsense about “unifying” loads of different “titles”, Andrade and Brant are not quite worth it yet. Let them fight amongst each other for now. If Saunders has his shit together soon, Billy Joe versus Canelo has potential to be a huge event internationally and nationally. British fans love their hometown guys. Not sure if they are quite sold on Saunders yet, but it’s a quality fight, nonetheless. Saunders is a quick boxer which has a style that has given Canelo problems in the past. Floyd Mayweather is a perfect example. Erislandy Lara is another. Amir Khan also gave him problems until the knockout happened. I’m not suggesting Saunders wins, but it could be something to think about it.

#4 Matchup: Jermall Charlo 28-0 (21 KOs)

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Jermall Charlo has been a top contender for a while now. He is a quality young boxer. I am not quite sold on him being an elite level fighter yet, but definitely a top tier guy. Don’t let the Matt Korobov fight throw you off. Korobov is a very good boxer who also has the potential to defeat many top guys. He has been avoided for some time and he showed why in the Charlo bout.

Charlo has the potential to beat any of the other top contenders in the division, however, he seems like he also has the potential to lose to many of the top contenders, as well. He isn’t one of those fighters that I can say going into many bouts that he seems like a clear winner and will dominate. There is always a second thought in the back of my head of him potentially getting upset by a guy people won’t think has a chance and proves otherwise, such as the Korobov fight. I believed Korobov could have upset him going in and he nearly did. Jermall can make quality matchups with many other guys and potentially with Canelo, too. I don’t think he wins but it would be worth a watch to see where Charlo really stands with the big boys.

#5 Matchup: Jaime Munguia 32-0 (26 KOs)

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Talk about a Mexican standoff around Cinco De Mayo or Mexican Independence weekend.

This fight needs a little more time to develop, as I don’t think Munguia is quite ready for this yet. However, this has the potential to be intriguing from the standpoint of a KNOCKOUT! Somebody has got to go down in this one. Munguia is too raw and undeveloped at this point in time but give him another couple of fights (preferably like 10 or 20, if I were his trainer and manager) but I can’t see it waiting for that long. This probably sells out in five minutes after tickets go on sale and OH BOY the beer and tequila to be sold at that party. Start licking your chops Golden Boy. Dos Equis should have the “most interesting man in the world” guy show up to this fight. They will end up being the “wealthiest men” in the world after this goes down. Take him while he’s young Cinnamon.

Thank you for reading this article. Take time to offer thoughts and arguments. I would love to hear feedback. GENNADY!! You’re up next. Let’s do it “Mexican Style,” as you would say.

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