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If I Were a Boxing Matchmaker: Gennady “GGG” Golovkin

He's nearing the end. How should he be navigated?

Welcome back folks. I couldn’t wait long to get a new version out to get some more electrical circuits buzzing and possible short circuiting, depending on your take of the previous article. I would like to talk about some potential matchups for another top middleweight today. I will be running down my list of middleweights before moving on to another division, which could take a while, so bear with me. We will make it through it I promise.

If you find ways to be angry, we won’t have any problems. Just kidding. As I said before “Let’s get to getten.”

 Gennady “GGG” Golovkin 38-1-1 (34 KOs)

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In my personal opinion, Gennady Golovkin is in line with sharing the spot as the number one boxer in the middleweight division. He is certainly the number one contender. Golovkin and Canelo are head-to-head one and two, given that they fought twice with no real conclusive results in the eyes of some.

Golovkin should go down in history as one of the most avoided boxers ever. If only he had been given the opportunities for greatness at an earlier juncture in his career. As perfectly stated and broken down by Jeremiah Preisser in his article about Golovkin. Give it a good read, if you haven’t already.

Golovkin is getting older and might only have a few fights left in the tank, however I think he has enough to compete with top level boxers for sure. I will break down the potential matches he could take at this juncture in his career. He might retire before these fights can take place and he has earned the right to do so, but I think he still has a little left to prove.

#1 Matchup: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 51-1-2, (35 KOs)

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No question, this should be Gennady Golovkin’s first choice of opponent. The risk for reward and everything associated with it. The first fight was, to myself and I think most fight fans, a victory for Golovkin. Though certain judges’ scorecards showed otherwise, most don’t argue that notion. The second fight was certainly a great fight as well. Although the decision was also controversial in the eyes of many, the second scrap was still better than the first in terms of judging. I didn’t happen to quite see it the way the results read. However, I was at least pleased with the scoring and can accept how people could have scored the fight for Canelo.

I believe fight fans around the world would still like to see a third fight. Maybe it’s not as appealing as the first one, but still enough to make it happen. It certainly deserves to be considered before both men decide to fight lower level guys, if they do. Canelo is scheduled for Daniel Jacobs next, which I applaud him for but after that, give Golovkin his due in proper.

#2 Matchup: Jermall Charlo 28-0 (21 KOs)

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Although this is a tough decision on who would go in line at number two, “GGG” could go for many options, such as WBO “titlist” Demetrius Andrade to claim that belt, or Rob Brant to try and claim the irrelevant WBA whatever title he has. He can move up to super middleweight and probably erase that entire division in a jiffy. No, I think Gennady should go after Jermall Charlo. He is young and fairly marketable. He has been in line for a shot at the big boys for long enough. He has the potential to possibly upset “GGG” at this stage. This is a tough bout to make predictions, due to the fact that Golovkin is 36 years old and Charlo is still only 28.

Charlo has the faster hands but “GGG” is accurate and powerful. I am not quite sold on Jermall as an elite middleweight yet. If Jermall struggled with Matt Korobov, he will probably struggle with Gennady, unless Golovkin looks like an old man during the fight. This is a fight that could decide a lot on each one’s future in the sport. Would Jermall have what it takes to move on to the winner of Canelo Alvarez versus Daniel Jacobs, or would “GGG” prove he is still at the top of the food chain. I hope to find out soon. I would predict a mid-round stoppage for Golovkin if they fought in their next fight. If they wait a while that might change, given Gennady’s age.

#3 Matchup: Billy Joe Saunders 27-0 (13 KOs)

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Bottom line, this is a quality fight if Billy Joe has his shit together, as I stated about him potentially fighting Canelo. He is a good boxer with quick hands. This is a good value fight for both men. It could be big in the U.K. As a boxing fan, this would be interesting to me. Golovkin’s accuracy and power, or Saunders’ speed and movement. I think Saunders does well until he gets caught clean. Might be nap time after that. This would again prove positioning for both men in the division, just like the Charlo fight would. I would put Saunders at number two but he needs to straighten some things out first. Then make it happen.

#4 Matchup: Demetrius Andrade 27-0 (17 KOs)

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Lower risk, slightly higher reward? Demetrius Andrade has been a top-level boxer for a while. Primarily at 154 pounds though. He has been at middleweight long enough to earn a shot at some of the top guys and a real championship. This would provide that big step opportunity for Andrade.

For Golovkin, I don’t think the reward is amazing, though it’s probably good enough. If “GGG” wins, not only could he get a decent undefeated name on his resume, but also the WBO title. I know that title doesn’t mean a whole lot to me or many other boxing enthusiasts, but what it can mean is that if Canelo wants to unify all of the “titles”, he would have to fight “GGG” again to earn it. That is of course if Golovkin defeated Andrade. I personally think he would end up with a KO over Andrade but who knows until you see how Golovkin looks over the next couple of fights. Regardless of titles and whatnot, Demetrius Andrade is one of the top middleweights right now.

#5 Matchup: Jaime Munguia 32-0 (26 KOs)

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Gennady Golovkin has many options out there and he could possibly take on a guy like Sergiy Derevyanchenko in this spot, or this Munguia versus “GGG” fight could happen this May if promoters were trying to make some potential money here and take advantage of this situation. Canelo is contracted to fight Daniel Jacobs and nothing is signed for either one of these fellows yet. If Munguia is out there and available, why not make this happen at 160? I would be happy to see this at any time, so would many other boxing fans. Again, just like if Munguia fought Canelo, this sells out quickly and many Mexican breweries should be waiting in line for the opportunity to pounce on this event. This might even produce more money for the promoters than the others could. Obviously, not more than the Canelo bout, but possibly more than the Andrades, Derevyanchenkos, Saunders, or Charlos of the sport. I’m just throwing it out there, promoters.

This would be a heck of a brawl. Someone is almost guaranteed to be hurt in this fight. Munguia is young and perky, but very vulnerable. Golovkin is the old man in this situation, but as some elder man use to tell me as a young man, be careful what you wish for when messing with the wrong old man. Munguia might be the young warrior boy pleasing the fans at this moment, but it only takes one mistake for the senior to catch up with him and bend him over the knee to teach him a serious lesson. I predict a TKO stoppage for Golovkin if this happened sooner than later, but don’t wait too long. Let’s make this one happen “Mexican Style”.

Thanks again for reading the articles. Please provide feedback and let me know what you think. Let’s talk some boxing.

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