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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: What did you expect?

Idiocracy reigns in America!

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul put on a show last night, now I said a show I did not for one second say it was a good show because it wasn’t. I have seen all kinds of people bitch and complain last night and this morning that it looked scripted and they are pissed. My question to those people is what did you expect?

What did you expect?

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t fought a competitive fight in years and NO, Conor Mcgregor does not count! Floyd is now 44 years old and he was a boxer that depended on his legs, movement, and timing. Floyd is undefeated in the ring, but unfortunately for Floyd and all of us, Father Time has never been beaten anywhere. So yes Floyd is slower and not what he once was but who in their right mind would have thought he would have been? Logan Paul was 0-1, and that one loss came to somebody named KSI(Whoever the hell that is)! Sure he is much bigger and stronger, but he has no clue how to throw a proper punch in a Boxing ring!

When you look at the two fighters and what they have done why would you expect more than what we got last night? If you did expect a real fight, well then quite simply you are STUPID for lack of a better term.

Floyd knows money

Floyd Mayweather is not the GOAT, not even close, but he was an all-time great boxer. What he may be the GOAT at is suckering people into spending their hard-earned money to watch him possibly get beat. Floyd has this down perfectly, he has a large fan base that will buy whatever he sells, and what makes him even smarter is he has an even bigger base of people who hate him so much that they will buy a fight just in hopes of seeing him lose! You had legitimate boxing people like Teddy Atlas talking about how old Floyd is and how much bigger Paul was and how this was dangerous for Floyd. As for Teddy Atlas it is one of two things either he is a complete and utter moron, or he was being paid by the Showtime crew to hype the fight, either is totally possible.

Did this hurt boxing?

NO!!!! This wasn’t boxing, it was a circus act! The only thing that ever hurts boxing is boxing! Boxing at this moment is killing itself by not putting the best fighters against each other, in other words, boxing is not giving the paying customers what they want, that is what hurts boxing.

My analysis of the fight

Here is my recap, IT SUCKED, luckily I didn’t pay for it, I can’t believe anyone did but we will get to that later. Watching this fight was painful, hell calling it a fight is painful! The only saving grace was watching Luis Arias pull off the upset, and of course, watching Chad Johnson get knocked down!

Who paid for this crap?

This is one of those sideshows everybody will claim they didn’t pay for, but somehow even though nobody bought it a PPV audience of a million people will have bought it. Why would anybody pay 50 dollars for this crap, that’s easy the lowest common denominator is huge in this country. Hell, our last two Presidential elections were contested between the lowest common denominators. Seems this country loves a shit-show and that’s why events like last night happen. Come on people, I mean grown adults still make Pro Wrestling popular, that’s the kind of country we live in and that means it’s only going to get worse from here. America is sliding from being a democracy to an Idiocracy.

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