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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor – Rematch Time?

Will a rematch happen?


McGregor – Mayweather Rematch?

The McGregor and Mayweather ‘Money Fight’ was an event that took the world by storm. It seemed almost impossible that the two sportsmen from completely different worlds would ever climb into a ring and go head to head. One a UFC fighter, and the other boxer, it was the stuff of bar debates and pie in the sky imaginings, and nothing more.

Only, of course, the fight actually took place. The results were perhaps predictable, given that Mayweather had an enormous advantage, but still his 10th round victory over McGregor had fans on the edge of their seats. It seemed like the situation had finally been resolved, after months of build up, extensive social media campaigns and loads of trash talking, and a whole lot of money flying back and forth in the betting world.

Now however, talks of a rematch are gaining momentum, and it seems like there may just be a Mayweather versus McGregor part 2.

Rumours Are Circulating

Speculation was rife, even days after the original match, that a rematch might be on the cards. The common perception was that since McGregor had gone from the UFC Octagon and been forced to adopt boxing rules, that the situation would be switched for the rematch, with Mayweather having to adopt UFC rules. After all, wasn’t it only fair to see the rules switched, and have Mayweather at a disadvantage, giving McGregor a chance to regain face?

But in an interview with Floyd Mayweather Senior (Mayweather’s father) and Helen Yee Sports, it seemed like although there may indeed be a rematch, it would not be with any switching of roles. Instead, Mayweather Snr. Claimed that it would be a straight-up rematch, exactly as it was before. Why would it be like this? Apparently, according to Mayweather Snr, because McGregor would want it this way, giving him a chance to snatch back a victory that had been taken from him. Brave or foolish?

Who Would Win?

Naturally, debates are already raging as to whether McGregor would do better in a rematch. Given that he would have had plenty more time to prepare on this occasion, perhaps his performance would be better, taking him beyond the 10th round and even to victory.

On the other hand, questions have likewise been raised as to just how much time he has been putting into improving his boxing skills, being that after the first match he went straight back to the UFC Octagon. But then, how much time has Mayweather been putting into keeping his own boxing game on top form?

Tensions Are Mounting

There certainly seems to be plenty of interest in a rematch, with social media websites and sports news outlets in an almost endless run of speculation as to if, when, and why the rematch would occur. So if anything, a rematch may manage to gather as much attention as the first match, which in itself would be reason enough for the event to go ahead.

But would the two be as psyched up for a rematch, given that the first match seems to have already declared a victor?

At any rate, it seems that tensions are still high between the two fighters, with an exchange on Twitter showing that there is still animosity aplenty. Mayweather offered to let McGregor train for free at his gym in preparation for a UFC comeback fight. McGregor responded with a none too polite refusal, using language that would not have made his mother proud.

Of course, the tension may well just be showmanship, building up the expectation for what seems to be like a growing possibility of yet another Money Fight.





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