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Deontay Wilder has a new trainer as a possible Fury rematch looms: Will it matter or is Wilder done?

Bombzquad is back!

Ok all you Deontay Wilder fans out there, Wilder may get the rematch he wants so bad after all. An arbiter ruled that Fury is legally obligated to fight Wilder a third time, putting the Fury/Joshua megafight in jeopardy.

New Trainer

Wilder has replaced Mark Breland with former fringe contender Malik Scott, who nose-dived against Wilder a few years back.


What are Scott’s credentials to be a trainer for a fighter of this magnitude? None. A video of Scott training Wilder has surfaced and you can see the new and improved Wilder. OK.

The big problem I see is that it’s easy to change your style while hitting mitts, but what happens when those mitts become the Gypsy King? Wilder has always been a one-trick pony and the trick is his power. Too bad he has no balance and an inconsistent jab. I  believe listening to Mark Breland more than five years ago would have been his only chance to be a good boxer. Breland was for the large part ignored. Now Scott gets his chance. This whole situation reminds me of a little league coach getting hired to manage the New York Yankees. My guess is they are friends and Wilder will do as he pleases.

Was Wilder ever really a Heavyweight Champion

In my opinion, that answer is simple: NO!!!! He beat Bermaine Stiverne to become heavyweight champion. His best defense was against 93-year-old Cuban Luis Ortiz whose only claim to fame was beating Bryant Jennings. While Wilder was feasting on cupcakes both Fury and Joshua were beating Wladimir Klitschko. Wilder was an alphabet champion but who isn’t or hasn’t been nowadays?

Will the rematch happen in September?

Hopefully not because since Fury retired and gave up the lineal belt nobody, in my opinion, has claimed the title and we are on the verge of finally having a true world heavyweight champion. I know the contract had a rematch clause, but pay Wilder some step aside money so the true number one and two heavyweights can fight.

The chances of Wilder beating either are very small because he does not possess the ability of Joshua or Fury. I’m sorry Wilder fans but he NEVER will! Let the men fight and let the children sit and wait and maybe during that wait Wilder can try his new skills against Andy Ruiz Jr.. If he really thinks he can beat Fury that would be his best route. Few fighters have taken a beating like he took in the second Fury fight and found success in an immediate rematch.