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Carefully Wear Your Boxing Gloves To Avoid Injuries During Sparring

Avoiding injuries during sparring

Any boxer knows that although sparring is not too dangerous, they may encounter unexpected injuries during these training sessions.

Thus, you must wear your boxing gloves carefully to protect both you and your partners.

Get your right Boxing Gloves

Whatever your size or weight is, you should spar with gloves weighing at least 16oz. In case your weight is more than 175lbs, we recommend a pair of 18oz or 20oz gloves. To know more about boxing sparring glove, you can read information from HANDERICK.

However, be aware that the weight and the size of a boxing glove differentiate from each other.

The most typical sizes you can find on boxing gloves are S, M, L (stands for small, medium, and large, respectively).

For example, you might see pairs of 12-oz gloves in all sizes of S, M, and L. This is mainly decided by the manufacturers.

Nonetheless, it is common sense that there is a higher chance for you to meet S-sized gloves in 12-oz products, M-size gloves in 14-oz ones and bigger gloves in 16-oz weight, etc.

Depending on your hands’ size as well as methods of use, you can determine the most suitable gloves for yourself.

How to wear your boxing gloves properly

As a rule of thumb, your boxing gloves had better neither fit too tight nor too loose.

Since the items are likely to loosen up over time of use, it is necessary for your hands to have some wiggle room yet still fit the innerwear inside the gloves or the hand wraps.

To avoid the pitiful injuries, you can follow the below guide on how to wear your hand wraps and boxing gloves:

Step 1- Wrap your hands 

It might look simple at first, but not everyone uses the correct technique.

There are various videos on Youtube that introduce a number of different hand-wrapping techniques as each fighter also has his own way.

As a result, you do not necessarily stick to only one method.

Whatever you do, you need to bear in mind the following rules:

  • Ensure a sufficient amount of padding on both of your wrist and knuckles.
  • Stretch your hands out fully the moment you start to wrap them so that they can tighten up when you fist.
  • Don’t wrap your hands too tight unless you want to reduce your blood flow and feel uncomfortable.
  • If you wrap between your fingers, you can not only support them but also avoid hand traumas better.
  • To prevent sprain, soreness, and fractures, you must put the wraps around your wrists and hands tight.
  • It is a good idea to hook your hands, wrists, and thumbs up to your knuckles while wrapping between your fingers rather tight.

Step 2- Wear your boxing gloves

When it comes to means of fastening, Velcro gloves deliver preferable grip in comparison with gloves with laces.

Besides, while laced gloves require another person to help you tie them up, Velcro ones allow any user to wear them on or take them off easily without any help.

Hence, Velcro models are appropriate for both pro boxers as well as newbies.

To wear boxing gloves rightly, you must put your hands as deep into the gloves as possible. They must be in a firm position and curved naturally as the shape of the gloves to fit them perfectly.

Never leave the bottom empty before you wrap the Velcro straps around your hand wrists closely so that they can be kept in place.

If you take our guide properly, you can alleviate most injuries during your sparring sessions.

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