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Boxing Gloves: Which one to choose?

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Boxing is a competitive combat sport that relies primarily on punches to defeat an opponent. However, the bones in the hand cannot withstand too much stress during training. Since this discipline is particularly based on punches, unlike boxing and kickboxing, practitioners need more than anything else the best possible protection for their hands. It should not be forgotten that boxing gloves not only help protect the hands of the combatant who wear them, but also the body of the opponent in front.

The different types of boxing gloves

There are different types of boxing gloves depending on their use. Here are the main types:

Light bag training gloves

Also called bag gloves, this type of gloves is mainly used during training sessions on a punching bag. Regarding their weight, they are thinner and lighter, ideal for training in a boxing punching bag.

This, therefore, reduces the impact on the phalanxes. In addition, they are padded on the outside of the hand and incorporate a bead inside. They, therefore, benefit from better protection and better security. Bag gloves exist in several sizes, depending on the weight of the fighter. Boxing gloves are therefore the best gloves to wear during training.

“Heavy” Gloves Training glove with Sparring

Unlike bag gloves, heavy gloves are mainly used against a real opponent. However, some fighters wear them all the same during training with a punching bag. These gloves, because of their names, are heavier and more loaded than bag gloves. They improve the strength of the boxer. They also allow him to get used to carrying weight at the end of his arm. To this end, the fighter will be better able to improve his adaptability and endurance.

In addition, heavy gloves are the most used during sparring. Sparring Gloves are a common form of training for all martial arts. Unlike traditional training, sparring offers fighters a simulation of what a real fight in the ring represents. The sessions include precise strokes and strings. This is the reason why heavy gloves are best suited for this type of training.

Boxing gloves amateur competition

Like any other sport, there are two categories of fighters in boxing competition. There are amateurs’ ones and professionals’ ones. The agility and performance of these two types of boxers are not the same. The amateurs include those who are interested in boxing, but who do not have much experience. While professionals are boxing enthusiasts who have already acquired as many skills as experience. The boxing gloves used for these two categories are not similar. Regarding amateurs, the size of the gloves will depend on the weight category of the boxer.

It can be either 12 OZ, 14 OZ, 16OZ or larger size. Aside from that, amateurs’ gloves must also be approved for boxing competition. In other words, they must be adequate to the specifications required in competition. In general, it is the coaches who take care of this task.

Professional boxing gloves

The competition of professional boxers differs from that of amateur boxers. Being more experienced, professional boxers must comply with various requirements, particularly in terms of equipment and armor.

Contrary to popular belief, the gloves of professional boxers are smaller than those used in amateur competitions. The explanation is that the smaller gloves allow you to hit opponents harder and harder. By being in a professional competition, a more intense blow can be authorized. However, this can lead to a more serious injury, especially since these gloves have less protection than the previous ones. Nevertheless, professional boxers already know how to handle these types of gloves.

Boxing glove maintenance

Like any accessory, boxing gloves must be as well maintained and well protected. Regular washing is necessary to keep their shape in a good condition.

You do not know how to maintain your boxing gloves? Do not worry!

Here are some tips on how to keep them, as it depends on the severity of the tasks there. If the stains are due to normal use of gloves, then it is enough to use a mild soap, preferably Glycerin, so as not to attack the leather. To do this, you need to put the soap on a clean, damp cloth. Then, rub the fabric on the stain of the glove until it comes off. You must then rinse it and dry it in the open air.

To keep the shape of your gloves better, it is best to put them on after drying; however, if the stain is very oily and resistant, in this case, it is better to use a natural clay powder which has the power to absorb fat very quickly. To do this, you must sprinkle clay soil on the task. You then need to scrub and let it sit overnight. The next day, the task will normally disappear.

Regarding the material, Boxing gloves are generally made from leather or synthetic leather. However, there are gloves that are made from deerskin or upturned skins. In this case, the cleaning method is not similar to that of leather. To maintain a suede glove, use a clean crepe brush for leather. Suede gloves should never be washed. You just need to rub the material with this bush.

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