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Best Boxing Shoes Review – UPDATED 2018

Which are the best?
A boxer cannot go without a quality pair of shoes.

Comparing 16+ boxing shoe brands used by amateurs, professionals, and champions!

Boxing shoes are one of the most important and most personal pieces of boxing equipment. Probably the second most critical piece of gear after your boxing gloves. Boxing shoes help you move with absolute control, giving you explosive footwork as well as anchored stops.

The best boxing shoes feel light, comfortable (like custom-made gloves for your feet), and help you become one with the canvas. The worst boxing shoes feel like a foreign material underneath, with weird lumps and curves that don’t mold to your feet. And then there’s also the matter of quality and features. Some last longer than others. Some are more comfortable, more secure, and easier to use than others.

Here’s my experience of the most popular boxing shoe brands!


Q: Which piece of boxing equipment is often overlooked by beginners?

  • A: Yes, it’s BOXING SHOES!

Why are beginners especially so resistant when it comes to buying boxing shoes? Well, they don’t want to spend any money, they don’t see any benefit, and they figure they can just use any other athletic shoes (running/basketball/trainers). Well, I don’t recommend that. And I’m here to explain to you all the benefits or wearing good boxing shoes.


Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes

I know many of you will like to start out boxing by using other athletic shoes that are made for running, basketball, or other sports. I can tell you right now, it’s not the same. Wearing real boxing shoes makes a big difference in your performance. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to instantly improve a beginner boxer’s performance—put real boxing shoes on him.

A good pair of boxing shoes improves comfort, mobility, speed, and power. It’s really that simple. A shoe that’s made for boxing will allow you to be comfortable in boxing positions and stances, and allow you to move in the ways that a boxer typically moves. And if you’re able to move better, you’ll have more speed, and more power.

Wearing boxing shoes improves comfort, mobility, speed, and power.

Many of you will be tempted to do what I did, which is not buy real boxing shoes until way later, until you’re more serious, but you won’t get to enjoy the fun of how good it feels to wear real boxing shoes. Your feet feel so much lighter, and you move around with so much more agility AND support as you jump around the boxing ring snapping hooks and crosses. You simply have to try it to see what I mean.


Important Features of Good Boxing Shoes

1. Grip & Pivot

This is probably most important and distinct feature of boxing shoes, their ability to grip the ground so that your feet don’t slide when transferring power…but at the same time, always allowing you to pivot so you can throw power punches or execute typical fighting footwork maneuvers.

You will find that non-boxing shoes are pretty horrible when it comes to allowing you to grip & pivot. The way non-boxing shoes are shaped at the front can make pivoting a little awkward and also that the non-boxing shoes are either too slippery (don’t give you enough grip) or they give you too much grip (making it hard to pivot).

Some fighters will prefer a shoe that’s really grippy and they don’t mind if it’s a little harder to pivot. Some fighters will prefer a shoe that’s smoother and pivots easily even if it has a little less grip. The perfect balance for me is when the shoe grips enough to provide stability during power transfer and pivots easily enough while still keeping you connected to the ground. I actually hate when the shoes too grippy because that can make me trip.

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