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Top 10 White Point Guards in NBA History

Publish Date: 05/27/2024
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

Today, we will look at the top 10 White NBA point guards of all time. This list includes guards from the 1950s, and I will be honest: It is not loaded with NBA legends, but it is fun to look back at.


How good were you in the era you played? Let’s face it: Bob Cousy wasn’t even going to play in the 70s, much less the 80s. But you must have him on the list because he dominated when he played. assists, points, defense, and leadership are all factors. Current players are not eligible for this list. Check out our list of the greatest white NBA Centers, if you like this list you will love that one also.

10) Scott Skiles

At Michigan State, Scott Skiles was charged with cocaine possession and drunk driving, later serving a short stint in jail for violating parole terms; all was forgiven when Milwaukee drafted him in the first round. While with Orlando in 1990 he averaged 17.2 PPG and set an NBA record by amassing 30 assists in one game!

Skiles was an Indiana High School legend leading his High School team to the State Championship in 1982.

  • NBA Most Improved Player 1991
  • Big Ten Player of the Year 1986
  • NBA Single-game assists record
Video: Scott Skiles’ 30 Assists

Scott Skiles’ 30 Assists

9) Jason Williams

Jason Williams was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 1998 Draft and quickly formed a core for the Sacramento Kings franchise that made eight consecutive playoff appearances. Amid “And 1 Streetball” mania, Williams became one of the league’s most beloved players thanks to his no-look passes and no-look crossovers that won him fans across all levels of the game. While with the Miami Heat, he averaged 12 points and five assists per game during the 2006 Finals to help Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal capture their inaugural title together.

  • NBA Champion 2006
  • NBA All-Rookie Team 1999
Video: Jason Williams Top 10 Career Plays

Jason Williams Top 10 Career Plays

8) Danny Ainge

Danny Ainge can serve as an accurate barometer of when it’s time for you to date yourself if you grew up in the 1980s. As one of the NBA’s notorious backcourt bad boys, Ainge once punched seven-foot-1 Tree Rollins, famously tussled with Michael Jordan, and purposely rifled an inbounds pass off Mario Elie’s face during its golden era.

Nowadays, he looks like a shift manager at a factory, but make no mistake about it, he was a tough SOB when he played. Ainge was the point guard on the 1986 Boston Celtics, which some people consider the greatest team of all-time.

  • 2 Time NBA Champion
  • 1988 All-Star
  • Wooden Award Winner 1981
Video: Danny Ainge - The DA

Danny Ainge – The DA

7) Richie Guerin

Richie Guerin quickly became one of the most beloved Knicks when he joined in 1956 as an Iona product and star player. Even though his team did poorly (they only ever made one playoff appearance during his tenure in New York), Guerin made six consecutive All-Star Games and set a Madison Square Garden record with 21 assists in one game – ultimately leaving as second all-time leading scorer of their franchise.

  • 6 Time NBA All-Star
  • 3 Time All-NBA Second Team
Video: Richie Guerin Highlights

Richie Guerin Highlights

6) Gene Shue

Gene Shue was widely acclaimed for introducing the “spin move” during an era when players favored belted shorts and relied exclusively on bounce passes to score baskets. She was famous for his Elvis-Presley-esque hip gyrations, which probably offended many viewers at first, before going all-star in five consecutive All-Star games before earning All-NBA honors that year with averaging 22.8 points per game and All-NBA honours in 1960.

  • 5 Time NBA All-Star
Video: Gene Shue's Glorious Life and Tragic Story

Gene Shue’s Glorious Life and Tragic Story

5) Mark Price

Mark Price was an inexplicable star on Cleveland’s late ’80s/early ’90s Cavs team, characterized by modest talent yet managing to produce eight playoff appearances in nine seasons. He became their all-time three-point shooter, assists leader, and second behind LeBron James in steals. Although physically superior athletes existed on his team, his ability to split double teams made him one of their standout performers.

Price epitomized Cleveland during this late 80s/early 90s Cavs team, which, while not overly talented, hustled their way into 8 playoff appearances out of 9 seasons thanks to him. If not for Michael Jordan, the Bulls may have had a finals appearance somewhere along the way.

  • 4 Time NBA All-Star
  • 2 Time NBA Three-Point Contest Winner
  • 50-40-90 Club 1989
Video: The MOST UNDERRATED Player Who Helped CHANGE THE NBA: Mark Price

The MOST UNDERRATED Player Who Helped CHANGE THE NBA: Mark Price

4) Bob Cousy

Before old basketball fans arrive at my house demanding that Bob Cousy be recognized as this list’s No. 1, please keep in mind he peaked in 1955 – we understand it can be hard to compare eras, but big guys were six-foot-three and half of their league had polio at that time! So give us some leeway.

As is well known, The Houdini of the Hardwood led the league in assists for eight straight years (1953 to 1960). Together with Bill Russell, he formed a dynasty for Boston that won six championships over seven seasons. Houdini won league MVP in 1957 after initially being reluctantly offered only a $9,000 salary when joining.

  • 6 Time NBA Champion
  • 1957 NBA MVP
  • 13 Time NBA All-Star
  • 2 Time NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 8 Time NBA Assists Leader
  • NBA 75th Anniversary team
Video: Bob Cousy - The Magican

Bob Cousy – The Magican

3) Jerry West

Make no mistake about it: Jerry West, otherwise known as the “Logo”, is the best player on this list. He is not number one because he also played shooting guard during his career. West teamed up with shooting guard Gail Goodrich and they are still considered one of the best NBA Backcourt duos of all-time.

West was an indispensable member of Laker squads in the 1960s and early 1970s, serving as point guard alongside Gail Goodrich. His jump shot is still widely considered among the purest ever seen despite predating three-point lines. West led his squads to nine Finals appearances while being the only human ever to earn Finals MVP honors for an effort that ended up losing.

  • NBA Champion 1972
  • 1969 NBA Finals MVP
  • 1972 NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 14 Time NBA All-Star
  • 4 Time First team All-Defensive Team
  • 1970 NBA Scoring Champion
  • 1972 NBA Assists Leader
  • NBA All-Anniversary Team
Video: How Good Was Jerry West Actually?

How Good Was Jerry West Actually?

2) Steve Nash

Steve Nash joins Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson as one of only three NBA guards ever to earn back-to-back MVP awards.

He represents everything an ideal point guard should resemble: with Iverson-esque scoring prowess, unsurpassed ball-handling abilities combined with one of the league’s finest passers, Steve Nash epitomizes everything one may expect when creating your ideal point guard character from scratch: talent versus fantasy; real life has him standing tall alongside them all as an idealized version of who you would create in your video game creation: create him! X-Box player!

  • 2 Time NBA MVP
  • 8 Time NBA All-Star
  • 5 Time NBA Assists Leader
  • 3 Times 50-40-90 Club
Video: Steve Nash FULL Highlights From His MVP Seasons! (2004-2005 & 2005-2006!)

Steve Nash FULL Highlights From His MVP Seasons! (2004-2005 & 2005-2006!)

1) John Stockton

John Stockton made history while wearing liberating shorts that no one would be caught dead in today. Stockton averaged a double-double over his career. Teamed up with Karl Malone, Stockton led the Jazz to 20 straight postseason appearances—no missing the playoffs at all, and no championship wins to show for it either.

Michael Jordan may have prevented the Jazz from ever reaching greatness, but he will go down as the greatest white point guard and the all-time leader in assists and steals. Nonetheless, he is a worthwhile tribute. Stockton could shoot also, especially in clutch situations and he was an all around point guard who must be included in anyone greatest point guards of all-time list.

  • 10 Time NBA All-Star
  • 1993 NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 5 Time NBA Second team All-Defensive Team
  • 9 Time NBA Assists leader
  • 2 Time NBA Steals Leader
  • NBA 75th Anniversary Team
Video: How Good Was John Stockton Actually?

How Good Was John Stockton Actually?

Honorable Mentions

Bob Davies

Bob Davies and Bobby Wanzer formed one of the great backcourts in NBA history before the three-point line or shoe deals came along, anchoring the Rochester Royals (current Sacramento Kings). The so-called “Harrisburg Houdini” led his team to both an NBL title in 1946 and an NBA championship victory two years later; his13.5 PPG playoff average without the benefit of a shot clock was pretty darn good for the time.

Don Buse

Buse remains among a select few—Chris Paul, John Stockton, and Slick Watts—to lead both assists per game and steals per game during one season. Though you might take offense at his lackluster offensive numbers, consider that Don is partially responsible for Paul Westphal and Walter Davis’ impressive stat lines as Suns teammates.

Slater Martin

Slater Martin led the Minneapolis Lakers defense that won four consecutive NBA titles from 1950-1954 under George Mikan’s greatness. Standing 5’10”, Martin was known for his exceptional court vision and unique bounce pass abilities—qualities that would later define modern-day floor generals like Kevin Durant. Plus, take note of all that crap he used while playing! He was certainly stylish.

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