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How to replace the Backboard of a Basketball Hoop

Replacing a broken backboard!

Basketball hoops are generally very durable and reliable, but everything shows some flaws after some period. Not only that, you can’t even replace the entire basketball hoop just because of the backboard as they are pretty expensive. That is why I will show you how you can easily replace your basketball hoop’s backboard efficiently. To keep you updated with every latest thing related to basketball, you can follow the and get excellent tips and tricks.

It might also be tricky to replace a basketball hoop’s backboard, so perform all the actions with a keen eye.

Choosing the right backboard material

This time, you will have to choose the best backboard material for your basketball hoop so that you won’t have to face the same problems as before. A backboard comes in different materials, along with other properties. You will undoubtedly have to go for the one that suits your playing style, weather conditions, and hoop type. So let’s have a bright look at the kinds of backboard material!


  • Polycarbonate


If you are short on budget, then you would go for the polycarbonate material for your backboard. Polycarbonate is pretty good to handle bad weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold. But the thing here is, polycarbonate might not be too good for rebounding techniques. The players might feel a lack of bounce, and rebounding techniques might not work with full potential. If you are experienced and have been playing for years, you can easily manage it, but you can consider other options if you are a newbie.


  • Tempered Glass


This is the modern material for the backboard of the basketball hoops. Most of the pricy ones come with the tempered glass backboard. The best thing about tempered glass is that it offers a premium bouncing and rebounding experience to the users. Not only that, it is also pretty durable as it seems and can offer durability during all types of days. If you are really comfortable spending a little extra to get hassle-free benefits for years, there is no better choice than the tempered glass.


  • Acrylic


Acrylic material comes between the polycarbonate and tempered glass. Acrylic is unquestionably better than the polycarbonate material for the backboard use as it offers more bounce and rebound effects to the players. It can also provide long-lasting durability so that the players won’t have to worry about its breakage or cracks.

Replacing the backboard

Now that you have decided on the backboard material for your basketball hoop, it is time to replace it. Follow these steps with all the details to correctly replace the backboard without damaging anything!

Step No. 01

The first step is to lay your basketball hoop down on the ground. But do it gently, or you might break them rim of the basketball hoop as well. After laying the basketball hoop on the ground, unscrew the rim along with the old backboard to remove it entirely from the hoop.

Step No. 02

Now, measure the size of your previous backboard if you are comfortable playing with that size. Now get your desired backboard material and get it cut with the exact size. You might want to get it done by the professionals because you might lose some of your money if anything goes wrong. But if you are experienced enough to cut through any material, it would be fine.

Step No. 03

Now it is the time to drill the holes in your backboard so that you can screw it with the pole of your basketball hoop. You will first have to measure the exact distance between each of the screw holes. Or you can mark the holes with a pencil to go with the easy way. Now drill the holes according to the bolts’ size so that the bolt could easily fit in.

Step No. 04

After drilling, now attach the rim along with the backboard to the pole of your basketball hoop. Make sure that both of the things are aligned correctly with the pole. Then start screwing the bolts and tighten them until you are confident enough that they are stable.

Step No. 05

Check if the backboard is stable and steady by hitting it with the basketball a few times. After you are satisfied, get the basketball hoop back in position again. Now you can play with your pro friends again with a brand new backboard material. 


It is not hard to replace a backboard, and all the procedures can be done right in your garage or driveway with ease. You just have access to the right tools, and it will be a piece of cake to do so. So, perform all the actions correctly, and your basketball hoop will be as good as new!

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If you don’t really know how to replace the backboard of a basketball hoop, then you are in the right place! 

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