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Eight facts about the 2020-21 NBA season any fan must know

A look ahead!

On the 9th of November, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association announced that they’d established the 2020-21 season rules, scheduled to start on the 22nd of December. While there is still a small chance that the starting date might change, it’s clear that this is the path the basketball league will take.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of facts that you need to know about the upcoming NBA season:

The schedule for the NBA 2020-21 season

The season will begin on December 22nd, and the end is scheduled for May 16th. The first thing on the list is the NBA draft, scheduled for November 18th. The teams are already gathering the necessary information required for making the draft picks. Training camp begins on December 1st, and the season opener will be on December 22nd.

Here are the key dates for the upcoming season:

  • December 11-19: Preseason Matches;
  • December 22 – March 4: First Half of the season;
  • March 5-10: The All-Stars break;
  • March 11-May 16: Second Half of the season;
  • May 18-21: Play-In Tournaments
  • May 22-July 22: NBA Playoffs 2021


How many matches will be available for betting during the NBA season?


Usually, the season is comprised of 82 games for each team, but the new structure announced has ten games less, meaning that there will be a total of 72 games per team. While waiting for the season to begin, why not choose a promotion, and prepare your betting strategies in advance? If you’re planning to wager money on the new NBA season, take a glance at the most reliable gaming platforms and get ready.

How will the schedule look like?


According to the official NBA site, the 2020-21 season schedule will be announced in two segments. The First Half of the schedule will be released somewhere around the start of training camp, while the Second Half is coming out during the concluding part of the First Half. The plan is that each basketball team will play three official matches against each intraconference opponent(a total of 42) and two against the interconference opponents(30 games).


What’s missing from the NBA schedule

At the moment, we are unsure when the free agency will start, and it is quite a big deal. It shouldn’t be too long after the draft, and there are only around two weeks between the draft and the beginning of the training camp.

The NBA teams don’t want to find themselves in the position where they are making new purchases and trying to get them on track in the middle of the training camp, with just three weeks left until the regular season. It will be a close call.

Additionally, the time teams will be allowed to make trades again hasn’t been announced yet. February’s deadline is still in effect since the previous season has not technically ended from the league’s office side.


So, what’s the solution?

Right now, the players are negotiating a fix for these problems with the league, and they extended their deadline for a modified CBA to the 9th of November. Even though the teams are hoping that they will get some answers, it’s important to mention that the deadline has already been postponed twice. The two sides failed to come to an understanding.

The fact that the players have agreed to the starting date is a good sign, and beyond that, they also have to figure out a schedule. However, no one knows who they’re playing against yet.

We know that the schedule is tight, and the league season will be only 71 days. It will be harder to integrate rookies and signings into the new spot. The reason why the time frame is so short is profit. Business analysts at the New York Times concluded that the NBA’s losses would be reduced by $500 million if the season would start on December 22nd. On top of that, NBA officials are trying to avoid a conflict of schedule with the Olympics, which will begin in July 2021.

As a result, we will get basketball a lot sooner than expected. Still, we hope that the current global situation and the lack of time won’t affect the NBA league’s performance.

The structure of the Play-In Tournament


The Play-In Tournament includes the teams with the 7th highest through the 10th highest win rate in each conference. Between the end of the regular season and before the first game of the playoffs, the team with the 7th winning percentage in each conference will be the host of the team with the 8th highest winning percentage in a Play-In Match (known as the “Seven-Eight Game”). The winner of the Seven Eight game of each conference will earn seed no. 7.

Similarly, the team with the 9th highest win rate in each conference will host the team with the 10th highest winning percentage in the Nine-Ten Game. The loser of the Seven-Eight Game will host the Nine-Ten Game winner in a Play-In Game, and the team that wins the game will earn the No.8 seed.


Will the salary cap be affected for the upcoming season?


The salary and tax level will be unchanged from the previous season when the cap was set at $109.14 million and the tax level at $132.627.000. In the following seasons of the CBA, the salary cap and taxes will increase by at least 3% up to a maximum of 10% over the previous season. Teams’ tax payments will be reduced proportionally to the basketball-related income decreases.

A new system has been created to ensure that the parties agree on splitting the basketball-related income(BRI). In case the player compensations exceed the designated share during any season, the salary reduction beyond the standard 10% escrow will be spread across that season, and potentially the following two seasons. The maximum salary reduction in any season is set to 20%.




With the 2020-21 NBA season knocking at the door, the league makes the final preparations. We’re excited to see the teams on the field again, and we hope that the new schedule won’t affect the players’ overall performance.

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