The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / The Exploitation of Romeo Langford and why it’s the NCAA’s Fault

The Exploitation of Romeo Langford and why it’s the NCAA’s Fault

The exploitation of Romeo Langford!

Rick Pitino a sad and pathetic man

Bitterness and envy can destroy a man and Rick Pitino is a perfect example of that. Rick Pitino was fired last year because finally, the powers that be at the University of Louisville finally saw Pitino for what he is: a sad, pathetic excuse for a man.

Louisville already knew that, but since Pitino won games, they kept him around until the heat was too high to justify keeping him.

On Wednesday,  Pitino decided to turn snitch when he tried to take down Tim Langford, who is the father of Romeo Langford, for doing something that is totally legal.

The snitch, I mean Pitino, told the Louisville-Courier Journal that Tim got paid by Adidas last year to run an AAU team that his son played on. Essentially, they won the battle between Nike and Under Armour. This happens all the time in College Basketball and there is nothing out of the ordinary about it.

Pitino was doing the same thing

Pitino was recruiting Langford just like everyone else before he got fired. He coached at an Adidas school (Louisville) and decided to tell everybody how wrong this is, even though he was doing the same thing until he got fired for being a scumbag.

AAU teams typically get huge sums of money from the big three players: Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. While those companies do steer their players towards schools they have deals with, they do not pick the exact school the kids go to. This is tecnically unethical and the NCAA could stop this, but chooses not to.

Why does the NCAA let the AAU do whatever they want?

This is similar to the NBA making a rule that High School players have to play a year in college first. By having that rule, the NBA lets the NCAA basically be a training ground before they draft players. In the past, the majority of drafted high-schoolers did not work out well, but now the NBA can vet them during their year of college.

Tim Langford: the Villian? 

People are now starting to blame Romeo’s dad for this and making him out to be the bad guy and that is an absolute joke! Why shouldn’t the Langford family make some money?

Hell, people were selling Langford jerseys when he was playing at New Albany high school! When he played in high school, tickets were scalped outside of the games and as soon as he announced he was going to Indiana, Romeo Langford jerseys were for sale all over Indiana.

At Langford’s high school games, he would sign autographs after games. You don’t think people are selling some of those autographs? Nobody mentions the exploitation of Romeo Langford and the money being made off his name, but rather, 0they bitch about his dad making money! Give me a break!

Romeo’s parents have fed him, clothed him, took him to practice, training sessions, hospital visits, stayed up all night with him when he was sick or hurt, prayed with him, been his personal chauffeur etc. THEY ARE HIS PARENTS!!! Tim Langford should not be vilified for making some money in this situation.

The people who should be vilified are the people making money off Langford’s name and more importantly, the NCAA who continue to let AAU teams and shoe companies run amuck.

At the end of the day, this is a big fuss about something that literally everybody does and the NCAA allows and it’s time to leave this teenage boy alone. Neither the Indiana Hoosiers nor the Langford family did anything wrong.

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