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How to Succeed at the College Athletic Recruitment Process

The College Recruitment Process

Are you a high school athlete hoping to get recruited by a specific college or university? Well, it’s never too early to comprehend the college recruitment process. Knowing all the facts and procedures will ensure that you do things the right way and increase your chances of succeeding in the recruitment process. 

For starters, while most of us believe that we need to get good grades to get into a favorite college, for a high school athlete, it is a lot easier. Athletes are four times more likely to be recruited and gain college admission to top schools than a student with higher academic credentials alone. 

Therefore, knowing what college recruiters or coaches look for in an athlete can point out exactly what you need to focus on. Besides, enhancing your athletic skills increases the chances of being admitted to a higher institution of your choice. 

Come Up With a School List

While around 8 million high school athletes dream of pursuing the same sport in college, did you know that only approximately 490,000 go on to compete in NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 schools?

Additionally, only 351 colleges and universities allow 179,000 students to gain recruitment and compete in the Division I level. Despite the professional opportunities being extremely low, many high school athletes train harder with the hope of getting noticed and moving to the next level.  

Having a list of schools across all levels is a great starting point. Most colleges will require high school athletes to be NCAA certified before they give admission for the first year. 

Next, for each college, consider how their athletic program might affect your overall college experience and career goals. Finally, consider how much playing time the school gives the first year, your athletic style, and the quality of training. 

Start Early

When a professor gives a challenging assignment, students have two options: get assistance from an essay writers service or start the writing process early. To attain peak performance, you have to start sharpening your skills early. 

A combination of experience and talent is what will put a college coach on your radar. But unless every potential college wants you, it’s best to start contacting various coaches early and before the recruitment. 

Make sure you have researched every coach you intend to call to be sure that you indeed agree with their philosophy. Don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions and only send videos or portfolios to college coaches that are interested in you. Otherwise, your material may end up being overlooked, especially if the coach is from a program that receives so many applications. 

Avoid Over-Relying on Your Natural Abilities

Talent alone will never be enough to guarantee a spot in a college athletic program. This is because there will always be someone better than you. The players being considered for the recruitment process are precisely like you, and those in college are way better. Therefore, instead of relying on natural abilities, remember that athletic greatness is about training and putting in the hard work. Horn your skills and be better today than you were yesterday. 

Increase Your Social Media Reach

We live in a digital world where athletes easily connect with fellow players and even potential college coaches. To best prepare for the recruitment process, ensure your social media handles are set up professionally. 

Appropriate content, especially that which showcases your talent or unique skills, can make a huge difference during the recruitment process. Besides, coaches often scour social media to find out which their rival programs have recruited athletes. 

Therefore, avoid using social media to brag about a potential offer that has not materialized as it might push away coaches who were interested in recruiting you. This leaves such an athlete with no legit offers. Following and liking favorite athletic programs shows you are genuinely interested in those colleges. 

Be Passionate About the Sport

What specifically fuels your athletic passion? Passion and sports tend to go together and is what differentiates a successful athlete from a mediocre player. Passion makes it easier for an athlete to horn their skills by staying motivated and focused. When an athlete loves the sport, it tends to show. Therefore, love for the game is a quality that recruiters look for in an athlete.

After reading this post, you gained a basic understanding of the college athletic recruitment process. Overall, prove your worthy both in the classroom and the field and college coaches will soon be knocking on your door.

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