College Basketball: NCAA Final Four: Duke Brian Davis (23) in action vs UNLV Stacey Augmon (32) at McNichols Sports Arena. Denver, CO 4/2/1990 CREDIT: John W. McDonough (Photo by John W. McDonough /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images) (Set Number: X39527 )

The College Ball Show Podcast Returns to Discuss Everything College Basketball! This episode begins with Breaking Down & Prediction for Bracketology by Joe Lunardi on Over the next few weeks we will Discuss and Banter back and forth a bunch of Great Memories for March Madness! Also, on this episode: My personal perspective of picking games involving the 1990’s Duke program that came of age by beating UNLV, Becoming Back to Back Champs, & Losing to Arkansas/UCONN! This week will take Bracketology to the Final Four & Next Week We Pick the Champs!

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