Another great week of baseball has come and gone, and teams with playoff hopes just might be getting nervous.

Washington Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg was placed on the disabled list due to elbow soreness…the same elbow he has already had Tommy John surgery on. What does this mean for this year’s playoff push and the seasons to come for the $175 million dollar man?

Plus, what do the Dodgers do with Yasiel Puig? His AAA numbers have been other worldly but there has been no word from the front office if he will be promoted back to Los Angeles? Should he be OR should the Dodgers look at trading him?

And, with Giancarlo Stanton injured, Ichiro Suzuki has been starting in right field. We debate if Ichiro had come over to the United States earlier, could he actually have surpassed Pete Rose’s hit record?

These questions maybe seem crazy, but maybe they are just coming straight Out of Left Field.