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Integration of Sports and Education as an Extra-Curricular Activity

Sports and education

With the ever-changing times, sports have become part of the school curriculum more than ever. For several reasons, the integration of sports with education helps to mold the student into the best versions of themselves. 

On the one hand, some students enjoy indoor class learning more than they do with outdoor activities. On the other hand, other students adapt better with the outdoor learning environment. Integrating these two learning environments helps students improve their learning capacity, depending on which they enjoy best. 

The essence of mixing these two is to ensure that a student can be intelligent and remain physically fit. Education, in general, is meant to improve the students’ knowledge in various fields. In this 21st century, schools are not just training students to become book wormers. It has been a long time coming, and sports are no longer just a cultural activity of the school. It is now a necessity that cannot be overlooked.

Importance of Sports in Education

With the rising rates of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity and high blood pressure occurring in very young people, even parents are aware of the importance of being physically fit. There is no essence in having to pay for professional gym sessions, and yet sports are offered as part of the school syllabus. Students are now encouraged to become part of the school culture, including sports fully. Gym classes are now a compulsory part of the American school curriculum. 

Sports are vital in keeping the mind healthy. Scientists will tell you that increased sports activities enhance blood circulation, which improves the functioning of the brain. Students who are active in the field tend to have a sharper focus in their classes, therefore enhances understanding of their subjects. 

The introduction of sports in early childhood will help nurture future sportspeople. Some students are not cut out for high IQ but for physical ability, which should never be taken for granted. Discovering these gifts in them while they are still very young will help them build dreams and nurture them in the field. You can also find some info from essay help personnel for more paybacks of education and sports.  

The Sports Phobia in Students

It is not uncommon in schools to find students dragging along when it is time for gym class. Sometimes tutors have to rush them around before they get ready. Sports offer each student a chance for development, both socially and physically. However, some students keep dodging by giving excuses like injuries, sicknesses, allergies. Some even believe that sports are dangerous. 

Some parents get worried and want to push the kids too hard. Many gym teachers are also adamant and will not give in to these excuses. However, the best way to handle these situations is to find out the root of the problem. Most students have a bad history of either humiliation during a previous sports match, rejection by teammates, or even anger. 

Dealing With Sports Phobia in Students

Considering the importance sports holds in our students’ education, parents and teachers owe it to themselves and to the students to help them overcome their fears and have a positive outlook towards sports. Listening to your student should be the first step in assisting them to overcome their phobias. Have an open mind about everything they talk about.

Gym instructors who probably scared away their students should offer a simple apology to open up for dialogue. You will be surprised at how many students have phobias because of the fear they have towards their instructor or a parent who pushed them too hard during a practice session. 

The next step is to help them boost their self-esteem. Find pride and satisfaction in the small accomplishments they make. Slowly by slowly, they can become more confident in the field. Find something else they are good at if your approach is not working. If a student is not good at basketball, it doesn’t hurt to try football or table tennis. Take pride in the effort they put in. 

The Final Product of the Sports and Education Integration System

A student who has been through this system is fully-fledged. While in the field, students get to learn about the value of teamwork cooperation. It is essential in their classwork, and at the end of the day, they can work with their classmates with the team spirit. Students underestimate the importance of the three Ps, which are persistence, patience, and practice. 

They are taught in classwork, and yet they still have to apply this on the field. A student might not have been perfect in either section, but after undergoing both, they bloom to become the best versions of themselves.

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